Sea Life Blackpool Aquarium

Sea Life Blackpool Aquarium

22.50 GBP


4.4/5 Pros

  • Rather spacious and generous SeaLife
  • Good presentation
  • Nicke package deals with other Merlin attractions

Blackpool is indeed an entertainment city. In summer, people are crowding the place and enjoying all the beach attractions as well as quite some alcohol. The last time I visited the Northern England West coast resort town was due to Rock of Ages in February 2023, though. I made use of the opportunity and checked out a few of the attractions. One of them has been the local Sea Life outlet. In this posting, I share some of my thoughts with you.


Sea Life Blackpool – Location & Admission

Sea Life Blackpool is located right at the promenade in the Northern part of the city. If you use the tram, it is right in the middle between the Central Pier and Tower stops. However, it is in very convenient waking distance if you come from the Winter Garden area. There are numerous attractions and typical Blackpool accommodation places in the area. At the rear of Sea Life Blackpool Aquarium, there is also one of the larger parking lots.

The opening times of Sea Life Blackpool significantly differ by season. In winter, for example, weekend opening times are 10:00 to 16:00 and weekdays 10:00 to 13:00 only.. The typical summer opening times are 9:30 to 17:30 daily. The nominal admission is 22.50 GBP. However, there are multiple Merlin Entertainments attractions in the city, which can be combined in one ticket, for example the local Madame Tussauds, the Circus, the Blackpool Tower or the Blackpool Dungeons. If you buy one of these tickets, the adult admission starts at about 33 GBP. The aquarium also features a “quiet hour”, which shall guarantee a more relaxed visit.


Sea Life Blackpool – The Visit

Your visit at Sea Life Blackpool starts rather typical. The aquarium franchise has a rather unified design and structure. The presentation is atmospheric and good, there are the typical screens which give you some information about the animals. However, you also feel that Blackpool profits from a rather large building in which it is located. Sea Life Blackpool feels more generous than quite some of their European peers.

There are roughly ten areas, which typically feature different regions or species. As typical, Sea Life Blackpool starts with the domestic Rockpool and Native Shoreline. However, rather soon, you also run into the fascinating Stingray Adventure or Kingdom of the Seahorse. The animals felt rather active during my visit, which is definitely a good sign as well. What would Sea Life be without the Ocean Tunnel, which you can explore rather at the end of the visit. I overall spent s little less than one hour in the attraction. I thereby had a very relaxed visit and could have done quicker.


Sea Life Blackpool – Services

There is a cafeteria-style cafe at Sea Life Blackpool. Apart from the typical picture service, there is also an as characteristic souvenir store at the end of the visit.


Sea Life Blackpool – My View

Sea Life Blackpool is definitely one of the better Sea Life outlets. The Merlin Entertainment franchise is worth a visit when in Blackpool – especially due to interesting combined tickets, which lead to a very reasonable overall price. in Blackpool

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