Songs Of The Week (week of 26 August 2022)

I typically just select the song, which is leading my Songs of the Week. This week, my favorites of the week are opened with a famous name of the music business, Noah Cyrus. While I had masses of songs to select from for my country music recommendations, the non-country list this week is a bit shorter. Hope you nonetheless enjoy.


Noah Cyrus & Benjamin Gibbard – Every Beginning Ends

The Hardest Part will indeed be the debut album of the member of the Cyrus family. This beautiful collaboration with strong Americana elements is definitely making me look forward to the listen.


Skott – Once in a While [smile]

The press kit to this song states “Skott is not a Swedish artist, she’s a global phenomenon”. I struggle with these wordings so much. is a global phenomenon as well. I just don’t have 250k followers, 100 million streams and do these kind of beautiful pop songs.


Alphaville & Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg – Forever Young Symphonic

Okay, that’s a classic. An anthem of the 1980’s. I initially did not want to include this track to the list of Songs of the Week, but the symphonic version of Forever Young is simply too good.


Glasperlenspiel – Sunglasses

Smart work by the German pop project Glasperlenspiel. They created their very own sound around the Corey Hart song – the result is the lovely Sunglasses.


Leslie Clio – We Used To Love

Leslie Clio is a German artist from Hamburg. She already released the album from which this song is taken in February 2022. Beautiful pop track with a nice soul-ish touch.


Lauryn Mark – Ist Schon Okay

Another song by a German artist. I just loved to listen to Ist Schon Okay (“It’s okay”). Very groovy song with a characteristic vocal part. Thumbs up for Lauryn Mark from Frankfurt.


Lansdowne – Medicine

After pop-ish sounds, this song is rocking! Lansdowne are a band from Boston, which is already active since some 15 years. The song works as a teaser for the collaboration with her new record company. Hope there is even more good stuff coming soon.


Boy Destroy – Self Immolation

Another track, which is somewhere between rock, pop and alternative sounds. Boy Destroy is another Swedish artist I feature this week. Very melodic track which stays in your mind.


Anaisa – Better Without You

Anaisa is a German artist, who also lived in London and SpainBetter without you is a really nice pop track, I liked the nice rhythm (a touch of summer) and the good groove about it. Hope you agree.


Elton John feat. Britney Spears – Hold Me Closer

Do I need to say something about this one? When Elton John is doing a song, this means superb quality is practically guaranteed. Cool British-US-American collaboration of two music legends.


Alex Pizzuti x Mike Emilio – Run Run Run

Alex Pizzuti is a producer from Southern Italy, Mike Emilio is from Sweden. Together, they did this song. Yeah, it is quite mainstream-ish, but it simply made me smile while listening.


Fargo – Liebeslied (für meine Hater)

This “Love Song (for my haters)” is one of the coolest releases of the week to me. Cool pop song with a rap touch by the Berlin artist. Absolutely love it.


Candlelight Ficus – Furniture Store

Need some more music to smile with? These four guys from Graz are doing an amazing funk-pop sound. The song is indeed about meeting in an Ikea store. Enjoy dancing to it.


Björn Paulsen – Mal weg

Björn Paulsen’s single release was one of the hot candidates to lead the playlist this time. As I just select the leading track and then create a dramatic plot with the other songs, this track is finally closing my posting this week. But I definitely recommend a listen.


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