Ashley Anne – dear dolly EP

Ashley Anne - dear dolly



3.9/5 Pros

  • Nice set of six songs
  • Good storytelling
  • Nice voice Cons

  • The songs are a bit too similar

January 2024 features quite some exciting country music album and EP reviews. I was quite glad when I received a promo kit for the debut EP by Ashley Anne released on 19th January 2024. I had Ashley in focus of my playlists already and felt it is a nice opportunity to have a deeper listen of her music. Here is my review.


Ashley Anne – About The Artist

Ashley Anne is a 19 year old country music artist, who is nowadays located in Nashville. However, she is originally from Virginia Beach in Virginia. With over two million likes, Ashley is quite successful on TikTok.


Ashley Anne – dear dolly – Track by Track

The six songs EP lasts 21 minutes.

1. Dear Dolly

Dolly Parton is always a good topic to sing about. Maybe that’s why the title track has been so successful. It is not only opening for the EP, but has also been the earliest single release I found of Ashley Anne, listened to over one million times on Spotify only. A slow, rather traditional country music sound, which still does not feel being too outdated.

2. She Ain’t Texas

The longest track of the EP (just over four minute) is following a simple plot: a gentle, plushy song, which is full of heart and emotions. Something like a bunch of stereotypes put in one song – nonetheless, the song is somehow enjoyable.

She ain’t TexasShe ain’t boozeShe ain’t fishing off a dock next to youShe ain’t a barstoolShe ain’t George JonesShe ain’t a fun time honky tonkerLighting your next smokeSo if she ain’t countryThen she ain’t your cup of sweat teaYou need a blonde hair, blue eyed, yes ma’am, southern belleLike me

3. Mary Jane’s been talkin’ (Interlude)

Even though this song is marked as an interlude on the EP’s back, it is a full track. In fact, I really love listening to this gentle song, which beautifully focuses on the voice of the artist. Finally, the “interlude” turns into one of my favorites.

4. Never Learned How To Sew

The fourth song initially feels to represent a very traditional, non-emancipated role model. However, Ashley Anne is not talking about fixing broken pants, but broken relationships. We might not have wondered about the textile thing in a country song, maybe, but it is definitely more enjoyable that way.

I’m scared of what’s to come
‘Cause broken hearts might just stay broken
Once they tear, no need to try
When that last goodbye’s already been spoken 

5. Prayed Harder

Religion is always a straight and reliable topic in country music songs. The song is about praying for the love of a certain crush. The chorus closes with But she must have been praying a little bit harder than me – so the fifth track is not covering a too happy story as well. I enjoy the storytelling, even though the song feels a bit of boring in the context of the EP.

6. American Dream

Apart from Mary JaneAmerican Dream is the only new song of the album. It gains more and more energy during its duration. I highly appreciate it – nice listen.


Also on request, I unfortunately did not receive a better version of the EP cover. 


Ashley Anne – dear dolly – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Ashley Anne – dear dolly – My View

dear dolly is a nice EP. However, especially in a debut release, I would love to have a braver selection of songs, some songs which show the talent of the young artist from a very different angle. Six nice songs do not necessarily make a good EP. This one is close, but you can’t deny a gap.


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