The Steel Woods – All Of Your Stones

The Steel Woods - All Of Your Stones



4.6/5 Pros

  • Very nice range of Southern rock songs
  • Nice flavors of country, blues and rock Cons

  • Last songs with Jason Cope

I am not a musician, but I guess releasing a new album is one of these big moment in a career of an artist. You are proud of what you achieved and also look forward to the public reactions. I guess the emotions for the member of The Steel Woods on 14th May 2021 are rather mixed, though. Just about four months before the album release of All Of Your Stones, their founding member Jason “Rowdy” Cope passed away. Thus, the review of this album, which still features the popular frontman of the band, definitely comes with high emotions. Rest In Peace, Rowdy.


The Steel Woods – About The Artists

The Steel Woods have been founded in Nashville in 2016. They do a very signature Americana style, in which they combine country music with rock and blues elements. Thus, they are frequently compared to Lynyrd Skynyrd. Before Cope’s death, the band consisted of four members. Wes Bayliss is doing guitars and vocals, but also piano, dobro and mandolin on the album. Cope majorly played acoustic guitar, but also telecaster. The other band members are Johnny Stanton (bass guitar) and Isaac Senty on the drums.

The band debited with the 2017 album Straw in the Wind.  The album reached reasonable chart positions in the USA and the United Kingdom. Two years later, The Steel Woods added Old News to their discography. The band is especially popular, also in Germany, for their impressive live performances. The title track of their debut album, for example, is having over six million views on YouTube only.


The Steel Woods – All Of Your Stones – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 45 minutes.

1. Intro

The title tells it – the album starts with a 80 second intro. Sounds like some people shooting with a gun or something similar. No thrills.

2. Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue just cannot deny its close relation to the blues, but the guitars also make this a nice Southern-style rock track. A track, which will definitely be loved by many The Steel Woods fans.


3. You’re Cold

The Steel Woods don’t just only play there very own signature style of music – the also do it in an extensive way. Good stories need some time – and should definitely not be told without a nice instrumental outro. The brigde is good and comes with nice bass guitar licks, the story is good. So here we go: five enjoyable minutes you will share with The Steel Woods. The story is coming to an end with sounds of the fiddle. Great composition.

4. You Never Came Home

You left that night, you were going to tell her
How dead leaves to dust was us leaving together
Yet still I’m here waiting for a sign or a letter
In this house of cold wood and stone
Since you never came home

You might think that this is some sort of farewell track to Jason Cope at first sight – but he is part of the song. The melancholic song starts very slow, almost quiet – but is finally a three minute crescendo before breaking down in emotions again. Really great song – which might still cause some tears on the next The Steel Woods tour, due to the dramatic story of this album.

5. Ole Pal

Ole Pal is another song which could be a very emotional moments on the next tours. In fact, Bayliss wrote this song about missing a long-missed close friend. But who would not dare to thing about “Rowdy” Cope now while listening to it? Touching.

6. I Need You (feat. Ashley Monroe)

I told you in the short bio section that The Steel Woods are often compared to Lynyrd Skynyrd. In this track, the even go one step further – I Need You is a cover of the 1974 single by the US Southern Rockers (who are in fact a Florida and not an Alabama band). The track is one of the most remarkable ones of the album – which is also due to Ashley Monroe, who is joining The Steel Woods in this track. The result: an amazing seven minute collaboration right in the heart of the album. Great one!

7. Run on Ahead

After this epic one, the album dares to take an almost five minute slow and quiet moment. An intimate song, which just does not need to much more than Wes Bayliss’ voice and the acoustic guitar. A song written by Ross Newell.

8. Baby Slow Down

Baby Slow Down is my favorite song. To me, it just comes with a lot of nostalgia and mixes a retro feeling of country and rock. Southern rock as in good old times (whenever these good old times have been). Whenever there will be my next road trip to the US, this is an excellent soundtrack for a long ride on the Interstate.

9. Aiming For You

I’m closing one eye
And setting my sights
On the heart of a dream coming true
Believe me, I’m aiming for you
Darling, believe me, I’m aiming for you

There are so many different moods and songs in this album – Aiming For You is a lovely Southern rock power ballad, which even stays emotional, when the guitar players are playing the powerful riffs. Lovely music.

10. All of Your Stones

The title track is closing the album – and if you like rather traditional country music with a powerful electric guitars, this might become your favorite. The third album by The Steel Woods is coming to end. And, much more tragic, the band’s episode working with Jason “Rowdy” Cope.


The Steel Woods – All Of Your Stones – Spotify

Enjoy listening the 2021 The Steel Woods album on Spotify:


The Steel Woods – All Of Your Stones – My View

All Of Your Stones is a wonderful way to memorize the band’s beloved member. The ten songs are an amazing compact, versatile and powerful piece of musical work. It will be interesting if The Steel Woods can take the next steps and challenges without Jason “Rowdy” Cope. They definitely mastered the final steps they took together. Country Music Top Picks! Reviews in 2021

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