Songs Of The Week (week of 14 Jan 2022)

This week I again present you a nice range of songs again. From Australian pop / R&B artists, who do 8bit-alike music videos, to “altered” former country music artist and metal gods – there is some music for everyone in this edition of Songs Of The Week. Hope you enjoy.


JXN – love sux

Sometimes, it is already a cool music video, which makes me smile. The Australian JXN released the video to his nice pop love song – and added quite a lot of value and character to it. I love the 8bit video gaming references:


Haddaway X Adam Bü & Moodygee – Chances

400 million streams on Spotify for one song, What Is Love – Haddaway definitely wrote one of the most characteristic songs of the 1990’s. When I received promos for the single releases of this week, I just could not stop smiling that this guy is still active. Nice collaboration with the Austrian producers.


Alexander Eder – 2004

Bad luck that his management is moving his sound more and more away from country to pop – Alexander Eder’s new single is even having a hip hop touch. Nonetheless, I love it – his voice is just so good.


LEC x Against The Current – Wildfire

I did not know the US pop-rock trio Against The Current yet – but their new release Wildfire, which they published on Monday, is really a good one. Hope you enjoy the song – the band is already quite huge in their home country and is also getting more popular in the United Kingdom.



White Lies – Am I Really Going TO Die

The White Lies are on the final straight for their new album As I Try Not TO Fall Apart, which is going to be released in February. The single feels really promising.


Oliver Tree – Cowboys Don’t Cry

Okay, that’s a song which just suits to’s genre profile. Nice country-pop-rock mixture. An Oliver Tree album is expected in February as well.


Emily Roberts – Dinosaurs

A beautiful guitar-and-vocals singer-songwriter piece by Emily Roberts. Enjoy the listen. Great one.


ToTheMoon feat. Anna Grey – Miracles

A nice dance pop production with a retro touch – I really enjoyed listening to the tunes of Miracles.


Philine Sonny – Same Light

Same Light is just the second single release by the young German artist Philine Sonny. I like the way how she is merging different sounds to a really nice product. Good listen.


KIDDO – Just A Girl

KIDDO is a really impressive artist – and her new ballad Just A Girl is simply one of these songs you have to listen to. Love it.


Frank Zander – Freunde wie Felsen

Also due to the fact that he wrote a bunch of really funny and entertaining songs like the German version of the Chicken Dance, Frank Zander is one of the most underrated musicians in the country to me. This one is a really cool, personal new single release.


Annihilator – Romeo Delight

Let’s finish this week’s list with legends. Let’s finish with rock. Annihilator have a new one. And it is a lot of fun.


Title Picture: JXN – Love sux single video screenprint


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