Luke – Strange Boy in Town

Luke - Strange Boy in Town



4.5/5 Pros

  • Very good, intense listen
  • Nice range of tracks

Luke is a German artist and band, who are doing blues rock and Americana rock music. After two EP releases, the nine track Strange Boy in Town is truly their very first album. When I ran into the promo, I felt that this one is a nice share for Release date is 3rd November 2023.


Luke – About The Artist

Luke is the artist and band name of Lukas Schüssler. He is an artist from Saarbrücken, who is on stage since teenage years. In 2019, he won the German Rock and Pop Award (Deutscher Rock und Pop Preis). As a band, vocalist and guitarist Schüssler is accompanied by Flo Stone (organ, piano), Sebastian Sommer (bass) and Bernd Wegener (drums, percussion). They have released two EPs so far. In 2019, Luke debuted with Out of the BlueBreak the Silence followed some two years later.


Luke – Strange Boy in Town – Track by Track

The nine track album lasts 42 minutes.

1. Fire Outside Our Door

The opener is one already one of my favorites. The chorus is a having a melody, which stays in your mind (feels a bit like Mike & the Mechanics to me…), the stanzas have a nice blues rock groove. With the rather quiet bridge, Luke is also creating quite nice range of sounds and atmosphere in here. Very nice one.

2. Can’t Keep My Mind Off You

I feel that the slightly raspy voice of Luke Schüssler beautifully guides you through the second song, Can’t Keep My Mind Off You. The title already tells what what this song is about. The slightly slower track also has a nice instrumental part, like it.

3. Into Deep

As part of the album campaign, Luke released Into Deep as the leading single. The song starts very quiet and personal and only breaks out with some anger and energy in the chours. A very differently sounding track, compared to the rather energetic first two tracks. But it has a nice character.

4. Sadie (Don’t You Stop This Thing Tonight)

The fourth song stays on the rather slow and personal side. However, the song comes with a great groove. In general, the song is also a showcase for the instruments. The organ is majorly defining the character of the song and the song comes with a long guitar solo as well. Great track.

5. Whenever I Fall Asleep

On the instrumental side, Whenever I fall Asleep focuses on the piano at the beginning, before more instruments are joining. You initially feel this song might be a ballad, but it is getting to rocking and to energetic. Don’t wake me up when I’m asleep, don’t wake me up, I live in my dreams – very fluent, good listen.

6. Strange Boy In Town

In the sixth song, we finally learn about the Strange Boy In Town. The title track is a beautifully told biographic story in the style of a Sting track (but still having a own and personal touch).

7. Memory Lane

Memory Lane is the most intimate listen on the album. The song is majorly driven by the acoustic guitar and Schüssler’s voice. The drums are strumming in the background in a jazzy style. Lovely singer-songwriter track.

8. Meaningless

Meaningless is the last studio recording on the album. Luke are doing a great finale in that regard. The instrumental parts are great as well as the vocal performance of this song. Blues rock in a lovely manner.

9. I Don’t Wanna Go Home (Live)

The album closes with the 7:36 minute long live version of I Don’t Wanna Go Home, which Luke also released as a single in November 2021. With that song (what a great title for a closing track, ain’t it?), the song is also adding ballad-esque feelings on Strange By in Town. However, the guitar section is a great listen as well.


Luke – Strange Boy in Town – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Luke – Strange Boy in Town – My View

Wow, that’s really good. I happened to run into the album on a promotion platform – and it caught me early. However, the deeper I got into it (by writing this review), the more I liked it. Definitely keep my finger crossed for this artist / band about their album – and recommend to give it a listen.

Favorite Song: Meaningless


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