Cristina Maria Sieber – Herzfrequenzen

Cristina Maria Sieber - Herzfrequenzen



2.7/5 Pros

  • Straightly produced schlager album
  • Some songs show a nice potential Cons

  • Low versatility
  • Some songs feel to be unsuitable to the artist
  • Too monotonous, not brave enough

Schlager music from Switzerland: Cristina Maria Sieber has been releasing her second album on 9th July 2021. The title is Herzfrequenzen – “Heart Frequencies”. I had a listen to her songs.


Cristina Maria Sieber – About The Artist

Cristina Maria Sieber is in her mid-20’s. Her father is a quite famous TV producer, Max Sieber. The Swiss lady started to become more famous as a fashion blogger. However, Sieber also was quite much into music. In 2018, she released her first album Ich will mehr (“I want more”). The title track is of her most successful songs so far.


Cristina Maria Sieber – Herzfrequenzen – Track by Track

The thirteen track album lasts 44 minutes. The 13th track is an alternative recording of its predecessor.

1. Wirst du mich lieben

The album starts with a classic schlager track: the song is about, the lyrics feel to be rather focused to rhyme than to create a story. The background is featuring samples which somehow sound like some you already listened to in the golden 1980’s. Discofox, made to dance for almost four minutes. My description might sound very negative – it is a nicely produced track. I just don’t see anything special in it. The title translates you to “Will you love me?” – I better don’t base the answer on this song only.

2. Herzfrequenzen

I feel that the title track is significantly better than the opener. I still struggle with the the backing melodies, but this song has some surprising parts and an unusual hook in the chorus. It thus stays in your mind much easier. The vocal performance at most is just good enough for an average rating, though.

3. Spiegelbild

After two songs which have already been released, the third track will be new to Cristina Maria Sieber’s fans. Spiegelbild means mirror image. The song has some nice elements, like the keyboard / piano melody. The song becomes very electronic to me. The song itself is a bit too thin to me, though.

In Dir da seh ich mein Spiegelbild
Es reflektiert in Deinem Augenlicht
Ich schau mich an
Erkenn mich in Dir
Das ist so vertraut
Geht unter die Haut

(“I see my mirror image in you,
It is reflecting in the light of your eyes
I am seeing myself
I recognize me in you
This is so familiar
It gets under the skin”)

4. Mister Beautiful

Mister Beautiful comes with some Latin music gives. The nice groove works quite well with Cristina Maria Sieber’s voice. Other points of critics are still valid – but overall, this is not a bad one at all.

5. Für eine Nacht

The fifth song is the first ballad of the album. I feel that the composition is a really nice one. Sometimes the voice of the artist is a bit too intense – I think I would enjoy a more gentle mixing of this song. Nonetheless, this song is definitely in the thumbs up zone.

6. Feuerherz

Single sein war der Hit – aus, vorbei und Schluss damit (“To be single was great – stop it, it’s over now”, roughly) – the sixth song Feuerherz (“Fireheart”) does not only document a very inconsistent thinking about relationship. It is also the anticlimax of the album to me. The song is simply too thin and does not even reach average level in any musical discipline.

7. Sternenmeer

The press kit of the album is so keen on pointing out that Cristina Maria Sieber is not doing schlager only, but young, fresh, schlager-pop music. Songs like Sternenmeer (“Lake of Stars”, there is no English equivalent, I feel) just aim to make schlager fans happy. The same song could easily be sung be a post-menopause established female artist. I really feel sad about that – as I feel that the Swiss could indeed do special and signature-style music.

8. Blind vertraut

The eighth track is in fact a duet with a male artist – unfortunately, I have no credits or similar information about him. The song is about trusting, but also being jealous. Is the partner really working long hours if he/says so? One of the best songs of the album to me.

9. Du bist mein Held

A bit of dream-ish, Cristina Maria Sieber is praising Du bist mein Held  (“You are my hero”) in this song. Even though I don’t feel that the ingredients of this song are really special, I feel there are a lot special and catchy moments in this song. She is almost risking to destroy this good feeling, as some parts of the second half of the track are too close to the limits or her musical abilities.

10. Tag im Paradies

This trip to paradise is rather slow and also feels to be too old-fashioned to be a special part of this album. I really struggle with the way the album has been set up by Sieber’s team.

11. Lass es uns wieder tun

Another die-hard schlager track with almost the same samples and the same rhythm. Bad luck, after some not that bad tracks, this song does not add too much new. I like the acoustic guitar sounds here and there.

12. Unter Milliarden von Sternen

The album closes with Unter Milliarden von Sternen (“Under a billion of stars”) – and you get the track in two versions. The twelfth track is the “original” in standard German, while Sieber adds a version in Swiss German. Back to the facts: the song is a Christmas track. Quite exactly half a year – ofter after – Santa Clause’s big party. A bit out of season, the song again shows a certain level of vocal weakness.


13. Under Milliarde vo Sterne (CH Mundart-Version)

The version is one-to-one copy of the previous song, apart from the language chosen. Thus, you can also exactly my feedback about the twelfth song. Nonetheless, I feel it is a nice idea.


Cristina Maria Sieber – Herzfrequenzen – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Cristina Maria Sieber – Herzfrequenzen – My View

I feel that Cristina Maria Sieber does have quite some potential – but Herzfrequenzen just limits her too much in developing it. The album is too mainstreamed. Sometimes, it does not even care in how far this young artist is talented or not. They just do it – and fail in my point of view. In this album, Cristina Maria Sieber is at most in average range.


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