Massive Wagons – Triggered!

Massive Wagons - Triggered!



4.4/5 Pros

  • Very powerful composition
  • High instrumental and vocal quality
  • Very different sounds

The British band Massive Wagons have grown their fan base significantly in the previous years. Fans have several reasons to cheer for their idols: First of all, the band is going on tour in November. Apart from that, there is a new album, Triggered!, which has been released on 28th October 2022. Here is my review.


Massive Wagons – About The Artist

Massive Wagons combine punk and rock elements. They have been formed in 2009 in Lancaster, England. After their debut in 2012, Fire It Up, they have been very active and in fact released a new album every two years. The latest one has been House of Noise published in 2020. Today, the band consists of five members. Barry Mills is the singer of Massive Wagons. The band has two guitarists, Adam Thislethwaite and Steven Holl, and bassist Adam Bowz Bouskill. Alex Thistlethwait is the drummer and percussionist of Massive Wagons.


Massive Wagons – Triggered! – Track by Track

The thirteen track album lasts 47 minutes.

1. Fuck the Haters

The title of the opening track reads like an aggressive, especially hard rock track – but Fuck the Haters is actually having a nice modern and melodic style. 2:37 minutes, which give a simple and straight message.

2. Please Stay Calm

Please Stay Calm has been the last single release before fans can listen to the whole album. A dark-ish sound at the verses, which turns into a very clear and melodic chorus.

If I don’t slow down
I’m gonna do some harm
I’m taking all of you with me
So please stay calm

3. Generation Prime (feat. Benji Webbe)

Generation Prime has the most power of the songs so far. Supported by Benji Webbe from Skinred, it first feels to be a fast and hard rock song, but then even introduces a ska/reggae alike vibe in the chorus. Cool sound.

4. A.S.S.H.O.L.E.

Hard to believe that Google will rank me high for this review – after the opener, we have another rather explicit title in here. There is a flavor of punk when Barry Mills states You, yeah you, you’re an asshole in the chorus. Spoken words elements, a lot of speed and a fun chorus – the song makes me smile.

5. Skateboard

The Massive Wagons will soon be on a UK co-headline tour with Ugly Kid Joe – and I feel that Skateboard will be a good one for the shows. It is easy, melodic, fun – simply a good sing-a-long.

6. Gone Are the Days

The guitars drive Gone are the Days with massive riff power. A nice listen even though I would not put this one into my favorite list.

7. Triggered

The title track opens with a nice, groovy melody. Barry Mills presents the lyrics in a rap style, before he changes to an angry indie-rock mode. Nonetheless, if the present that song towards the end of their November shows, I am sure that the rock power will blast the venue.

8. Guilia

Rock meets hip hop – or how else could you describe the swaying vibe of the song better. Nice melody – but I personally prefer the more rocking episodes of Triggered! better.

9. Germ

Germ is a nice track, which will work perfectly with the fans of the band. The song does not create too much special character, but it is a good listen and works straight into the heart of the rock listeners. More than a filler, definitely.

10. Never Been a Problem

Never Been a Problem is more on the punk side and feels a bit more cheeky and straighter than the predecessor. I like the chorus – but apart from that, the Massive Wagons-fans-comfort zone-song thing applies to this song as well. Nice instrumental parts as well.

11. Big Time

After two good songs, the Massive Wagons add a blast to the album. Big Time is a great rocker with a chorus, which stays in your mind from the very first moment. Great composition and definitely one of the album’s finest moments.

12. Sawdust

I don’t like Sawdust as much as Big Time, but the second last song is also a very good listen. Especially the middle part of the song has a lot of power and drive and shows the instrumental excellence of the British band. Finally, which song you prefer is rather a matter of taste and not of quality.

13. No Friend of Mine

The angry No Friend of Mine with its rap-alike lyrics is a perfect closing song. Does the constant Who are you? get strenuous? Not at all. Beautiful melodic interlude as well.


Massive Wagons – Triggered! – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Massive Wagons – Triggered! – My View

The British deliver a very fine rock album with a very individual touch. There is not doubt about the high musical quality of Triggered! – I absolutely enjoyed this listen, which takes my review straight into the Top Pick! range.


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