Hannah – Kuhrios

Hannah - Kuhrios



3.9/5 Pros

  • Very unique schlager-pop style
  • Very good listens Cons

  • Album feels a bit of repetitive

The first contact I had with the album Kuhrios was the title: “Kurios” in German means something like “peculiar”. However, the “H” added turns the first three letters to Kuh = “Cow”. The artist is wearing a sidecut with a clearly visible tattoo – but she is doing German schlager with an Austrian accent. I can already add: the first song I listened to made me think that there has to be a slot on for that album. Hope you agree after I introduced you to the artist Hannah. The album Kuhrios has been released on 2nd September 2022.


Hannah – About The Artist

Hannah’s civil name is Petra Lechner. She was born on 3rd May 1981 in Hall in Tyrol, a city close to Innsbruck in Austria. The schlager artist is nowadays living in Styria. She studied pop/rock music in Hanover and later worked as a vocal coach and singer. At the age of 29, she released her debut album Es muss außa. The songs peaked in the Top 30 of the Austrian charts. Her second album Weiber, es isch Zeit! (“Ladies, it is time!”) was her big breakthrough. Released in 2013, the album stayed in the Austrian charts for 71 weeks and received a platinum record. Her most recent album was Kinder vom Land (“Children from the countryside”) in 2019. Even though the sales were lower than the ones of the albums before, it was the first time a Hannah album topped the Austrian charts.


Hannah – Kuhrios – Track by Track

The 15 track album lasts 47 minutes. As in all dialect albums, I will use lyrics quotations in standard German.

1. Bauer is a geile Hackn

Literally, the opener’s title translates to “Farmer is a hot/horny heel” – I guess it is easy to guess what the track is finally about. The song is schlager track with with strong party vibes. Like most of the album, the song is rather made to sing and dance than to share deep thoughts and stories. Austrian schlager meets Mallorca party pop.

2. Amore in Italia

Disco fox-schlager rhythm, electronic melodies with some traditional tunes like the accordion in this song. The elements which are used to created the Hannah sound are predictable, but that’s part of her schlager-pop concept. This song feels rather much like traditional schlager, though.

3. Katerina

The song feels like a chanson-alike 1970’s schlager, which has went through a massive electronic music renovation. Very melodic track, which does not reach the party and catching-o-meter level of other tracks in here.

4. Wenn du willst

Songs like Wenn du willst were finally the reason why I felt I should indeed share Hannah’s new album. The song definitely has a schlager heart, but there is also a lot of rock in there. On top that, the Austrian raspy rock voice of Hannah adds another layer. The product feels so cool, but also so confusing. Is that still schlager? Hell, yeah! It is!

5. Zentrale (Zam Zam Zam)

At this song, Mallorca pop and drinking songs merge with Austrian traditional music elements. On the one hand, I feel that this song gives a good one-song-characterization of her music – on the other hand, it is a bit too much on the party level. I am sure that Austrians love to drink some Austrian beer or wine while listening to this tune.

6. I hab heut an Bock gschossn

Ich hab einen Bock geschossen
Ich war in meinem Revier heute auf der Pirsch
Einen Bock habe ich nicht stehen lassen
Schon gar nicht einen so gut gebauten Hirsch

(“I shot a buck today
I have been going deerstalking in my territory
I did not leave one buck standing
Especially not an as good built deer”)

Sounds a bit like cheeky country music lyrics, doesn’t it? The song again works with traditional instrumentation and a disco fox rhythm. It would be an ordinary schlager song without these lyrics and this artist. Hannah makes me smile.

7. Bua, melk die Kuah

The next song is about country life and working with animals… At least if you take the lyrics too literally. Bua, schau auf die Uhr und melk die Kuh – “Boy, watch the clock and milk the cow”. This song touches surprisingly traditional folk music (“Volksmusik”). But this track such a nice groove. Some background tunes remind me of 1980’s video games.

8. Briefmarkenabschlecker

One of the most quirky song titles I ever ran into. Hannah asks at the beginning Willst Du der Briefmarkenabschlecker für meine Sammlung sein – “Do you want to be the stamp licker for my collection?”. A very Austrian way to flirt with a guy, obviously. The song is cool, though.

9. Solang i leb

The ninth track is the first ballad of the album. The song is a beautiful track about loving home. There is quite some country music touch in here, by the way. Lovely song.

Wenn ich oben auf dem Gipfel steh
Und über Wolken schweb
Dann weiss ich, da bin ich zu Haus
Solange ich noch lebe

(“If am standing on the top of the mountain
And fly over the clouds
Then I know that I am at home
As long as I am living”)

10. Da geht no was

This one is a rhythmic track for the dancefloor again. Great song for a party as well as for Hannah live shows. Good one.

11. Gangsta

There are really gangsters in the Austrian countryside? The comes with a very accentuated rhythm, even has a slight touch of hip hop vibes to me. The chorus leads to a nice listen, even though the song is not too much on the top of my list.

12. Reit mit mir

When Hannah is asking to “Ride with me”, I was initially afraid that this one could be a track with explicit lyrics – but she is just asking to “Ride with me towards the sunset”.

13. Gerhard Stadlbauer

This song simply makes me smile. Hannah praises Gerhard Stadlbauer, who feels to be a very popular person among the females in the area. At least this Gerhard guy is named the Gemeinde-Stier in the song – which is something like the “Municipal bull”, if you translate it literally. A fun and unique party song.

14. I bin an deiner Seitn

The second ballad of the album is a classic one. Hannah is singing about love, about her love. Very emotional, but also energetic track.

15. Was i will zu Weihnachten

It’s a bit weird that the album is closing with a Christmas song. Thus, if you don’t feel like Santa at the beginning of September, better skip this one The song is rather average.


Hannah – Kuhrios – Spotify

Here is Kuhrios on Spotify:


Hannah – Kuhrios – My View

The songs in Kuhrios are a bit too similar. This is what finally prevents a really smashing rating in here. Nonetheless, I loved to listen to this refreshing, different, characteristic way of presenting schlager music. It is reliable, the songs suit to the artist. Not three chords, but a lot of truth. I close this review with a smile definitely.


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