Bad Temper Joe – One Can Wreck It All

Bad Temper Joe - One Can Wreck It All



4.4/5 Pros

  • Great blues album
  • Lovely songs and amazing strories, even about everyday situations
  • Fascinating voice

Blues made in Germany? Even though this might sound like an almost average experience, Bad Temper Joe has gained quite some international reputation already. On 12th March 2021, he is releasing a new album. I was really curious to have a deeper listen into One Can Wreck It All.

Bad Temper Joe – About The Artist

Bad Temper Joe is a German blues, folk and country musician from Bielefeld. He is at the end of his 20’s and represented Germany in the International Blues Challenge 2020 in Memphis. The event is sometimes also referred to as the World Championship of Blues. He is orientating his music on the Great American Songbook. Since 2014, when he released his debut album Sometimes a Sinner, he is actively publishing music. One Can Wreck It All is already the seventh studio album of Bad Temper Joe, who also released two live albums and two EPs during his career.


Bad Temper Joe – One Can Wreck It All – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 49 minutes.

1. The Night Johnny Cash Quit Doing Pills

The Night Johnny Cash Quit Doing Pills feels like classic blues. Cool guitar play, a raspy voice, which is still clear enough that you can easily follow the lyrics. You start listening to the track, you’re in it. That’s always a hint for really good music quality.

2. Early Morning Blues

The Early Morning Blues is slower than the starter – and also feels a bit more gentle, softer – just as you would expect an Early Morning Blues to sound alike. I don’t want to spoil too much, but the lyrics are definitely worth listening to as well.

3. Hole In My Pocket

The Hole In My Pocket is not only one of the songs released before the album – it is also the second longest one. The sound is slow, dark, I love the ironic storytelling in the song.

You wonder who
is gonna pay the bill
No second thought
I’ll be, yes I will.

Sections like that can easily take 30 seconds in this song. Thus, it is not that surprising that the total duration is 5:28 minutes. Entertaining song, indeed.

4. Don’t Mess With a Mule

After the long and dark Hole In My PocketDon’t Mess With a Mule is complete opposite: 2:15 minute, uptempo and rhythmic. Not just due to the high guitar chords, the song has a strong country music touch.

5. One Can Wreck It All

One Can Wreck It All is rather slow again and comes with the country-blues touch – in a very clear way. Very cool guitar play, which is adding such an amazing vibe to the album. Great song.

6. Crazy World

Due to its clearly defined vibe and rhythm, blues always feels a bit of “hard” to me. The more, a song like Crazy World stands out on this album. The beautiful ballad gives a very different touch the album so far, the vocals and the harmonica part is simply touching.

7. Wishing Well

Never again, I trust the Wishing Well. The stomping rhythm at the end of the chorus almost feels depressive. Is Bielefeld really that close to Memphis? Hard to imagine – but Bad Temper Joe definitely suggests that thought.

8. Road Works Rock

Again, the purisitic blues sound on this album is impressing – and Road Works Rock just is another example for that. Very versatile and entertaining album.

9. Me and My Rockin’ Chair

Me and My Rockin’ Chair could also be a nice vibe for a Western movie or a to have a cold beer in a traditional Nashville music bar. The sheer unstoppable rhythm feels to drive this song – you just have to move your feet in line.

10. I’ll Never Get Well No More

Undoubtedly, the slow and melanchonic I’ll Never Get Well No More is the epic and emotional highlight of the album. One Can Wreck It All is also a very personal and straight album. And this one is straight from the heart. I just had to close my eyes and listen during my review, while the song is getting more and more energetic, almost angry towards its end.

11. If Her Hair Ain’t Longer Than Mine

But I don’t want a woman
If her hair ain’t longer than mine.

The very personal style of the album is also reflected in songs, which feel to deal with everyday situations. Cool song.

12. The Promise

The Promise is a slow song, which again gives a nice country touch as well. Such an amazing listen.


Bad Temper Joe – One Can Wreck It All – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Bad Temper Joe – One Can Wreck It All – My View

I have been really impressed of One Can Wreck It All. Here and there, I enjoy to listen to blues music, but I wouldn’t see myself as a fan of the genre. Bad Temper Joe and his songs caught me from the very first seconds. The songs deal with such a wide range of topics, they feel so different. No doubt, this is a really good one. Dare to give it a listen.


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