– About the Author

I, Florian Buechting, am addicted to media, sports and travel. Being fascinated in any kind of major sports event already in his childhood, I started travelling to major events like the tennis US Open during my university period.

My love is the sports of floorball, which also lead me to the very successful internet project The web project is still existing and shows some 200,000 sports picture, majorly floorball. I played floorball in several German teams and had quite a decent career in refereeing. The sports of floorball gve me incredible memories, lots of great friends worldwide and a lot of wonderful experiences around the world.

But also other sports dominated my life, for example the collaboration with the Indian Davis Cup team in tennis or the German Women Soccer National Team. Finally, the more advanced my professional career as a reinsurance mathematician went on, the more difficult it has been to find sufficient time to drive the web project. More and more trips around the world and sports happened without camera and reporting.

By that, I more and more optimised my travel portfolio towards mileage spending, travelling in confort and visiting places which have been unknown to me so far. Nowadays, I am status member at Star Alliance / Lufthansa and Oneworld / British Airways and roughly travel 150k kms per year by plane. Many of these trips lead to Facebook positings in the past, which also helped me to have some sort of “backup” to my memories. I currently feel that will be the much better platform to share this information with you!

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