Norah Jones – Visions

Norah Jones - Visions



4.5/5 Pros

  • Very fine songs
  • Good storytelling and atmosphere
  • High quality

From jazz to folk and country tunes – the range of music by nine time Grammy Award winner Norah Jones is truly remarkable. On 8th March 2024, she is releasing a new album, which is presenting a blend of genres I had the opportunity to have a listen to Visions.


Norah Jones – About The Artist

Geethali Norah Jones Shankar comes from a truly musically talented family. The father of the US-American artist, who was born on 30th March 1979 in New York City, is nobody but Indian sitar legend Ravi Shankar. Her sister Anoushka Shankar is also successful as a sitarist. However, her parents separated in 1986 and Jones grew up with her mother. Her debut album Come Away with Me, released in February 2002, gave Jones a global breakthrough.. Rather on the acoustic pop side, the album stormed to top of many important markets like the USA, Australia, Canada, or the United Kingdom. It is a twelve time platinum record in her home country. The following two albums also made to the top of the charts.

With a her fourth studio album The Fall, which “just” had three million copies sold globally, the success decreased a bit. Jones was, of course, still very popular on and off stage. Her two latest album releases have been Pick Me Up Off the Floor (2020) and I Dream of Christmas (2021).


Norah Jones – Visions – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 46 minutes.

1. All This Time

The opener All This Time already gives a good flavor about what lies ahead. The brushed drums and Norah Jones’ play on the piano give a touch of jazz, but the song is also very groovy and thus reminds of soul and pop song. They key focus in on the lovely voice of the US-American artist, though. A song which will work out for many listeners, I feel.

2. Staring at the Wall

Staring at the Wall is one of two songs which have been released before the album already. At the beginning, the focus is on Leon Michels, who majorly did the drum and drum programming on the album – apart from several other instruments. The rather present guitar gives a rocking touch, even though the plushy song rather leads to a dreamy atmosphere.

3. Paradise

Paradise rather feels like a soul track than being a jazz song. Again, the lovely, gentle vocals by Norah Jones turn the listen into something special. The sound feels a bit of nostalgic as well, but this does not harm the beauty of the main theme. The song definitely stays in your mind.

4. Queen of the Sea

With 4:47 minutes, the Queen of the Sea is the longest track of the album. The song has a lovely bass groove and overall good vibes. The song is a lovely listen and thus does not get boring at all.

5. Visions

If you concentrate on the duration only, Norah Jones does not put too much emphasis on the title track of the album. In fact, Visions is just 2:43 minutes long and thus the shortest track of this set of a dozen. The song is a fine melody, to whcih Dave Guy on the trumpet adds a very unique touch. Feels very intimate and emotional.

6. Running

In the second single release of the album, Running, Norah Jones again comes with a very pop-ish touch. The song is driven by the drums and piano melodies. Like the vocals, these tunes spread a lovely ease again.

7. I Just Wanna Dance

I don’t wanna talk about it, I just wanna dance – the seventh song comes with a clear message right at the beginning. Also because the three minute track is solely built around this phrase (there are no verses) turns it into a very unique and special listen.

8. I’m Awake

The eighth song is a rather laid back, slow track. I’m Awake feels a bit repetitive on the piano side. However, Norah Jones is doing a great performance on the vocal side. The cheeky giggling also gives an interesting touch.

9. Swept Up in the Night

Swept Up in the Night continues with a similar style at the beginning. The present backing vocals and the great work by Guy on the trumpet lead to a very nice touch. Towards the end, the song is a really intense listen.

10. On My Way

In the tenth track, Norah Jones intensively works with backing vocals. The song has a touch of a choir track. A very thrilling listen, which also comes with some easy and light sections. Nice.

11. Alone With My Thoughts

The second last song of the album has a very stripped down feeling. It is strongly concentrating on the vocals. Somehow, Alone With My Thoughs feels like a special ballad in a group of gentle songs. 

12. That’s Life

That’s Life gently leads you out of the album. The song is in line with the spirit of the album, the section with backing vocals has a happy and pop-alike touch. Nice finale, indeed.


Norah Jones – Visions – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Norah Jones – Visions – My View

Norah Jones almost guarantees a good listen. You may argue, though, that there are certain similarities in the songs. Either call it a gentle flow or a slight touch of monotony – I definitely enjoyed t


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