Tenille Arts – to be honest

Tenille Arts - To Be Honest



3.8/5 Pros

  • Nice and flient listen
  • Vocal performance Cons

  • nly few new songs fully impress

I love Tenille Arts, her music – and also her live performances. Even though my album coverage is a bit of limited at the beginning of May 2024 due to concerts and sports reports, I was just curious her 3rd May publication. Here is my review of To Be Honest. After Girl To Girl (2021) and Love, Heartbreak, & Everything in Between (2019), it is already my third Tenille Arts album review.


Tenille Arts – About The Artist

Tenille Jade Dakota Arts, born on 19th April 1994 in Weyburn, Saskatchewan, is a Canadian country music singer. She kicked off her major release career with a self-titled EP in 2016. Thereafter, she released three albums, the latest one being Girl To Girl teased above.


Tenille Arts – To Be Honest – Track by Track

The fourteen track album lasts 46 minutes.

1. To Be Honest

Tenille Arts opens her 2024 album with the title track. The song is a pop-alike ballad. Emotional and with a nice vibe, which is overall a nice fit to Tenille. A good track, but defintiely not exceptional.

2. So Do I

Half of the songs of To Be Honest have been released as singles already. The first of these feature singles on the album is So Do I. The style of the song is similar to the opener, but the country and pop elements are a bit more present. The key reason why I personally prefer So Do I over To Be Honest, though, is the vocal performance in here. The Canadian artist simply sounds so lovely in the second track.

3. Wonder Woman

Another already published single is Wonder Woman. It comes with a fine vibe and another nice vocal performance. The chorus stays in your mind, definitely.

4. Dying To Be Pretty

Dying To Be Pretty opens a block of five songs, which have not yet been shared with the Tenille Arts fans. The song has a typical country-pop melody and even has a slightly nostalgic touch. In the chorus, the artist asks Why are we dying to be pretty on a Saturday night? I guess that’s a topic quite a part of the target audience can relate to.

5. Something I Can Cry To

The fifth song of the album is the very rhythmic Something I Can Cry For. The song, which also has some nice guitar elements, is a really nice and catching listen. Nice.

6. How Do You Sleep

How Do You Sleep is a beautiful ballad, which is majorly driven by Tenille Arts’ voice and an acoustic guitar. The song is defintiely one of the emotional highlights of the album.

7. People Change

With People Change, Tenille Arts is sharing a very pop-ish song. There is even a slight touch of dancing vibes in the song, which comes with a fine and playful melody. The song is not a platinum product of her discography, but it adds some happy vibes to the album. I appreciate that.

8. Want Her Back

The following song comes with a similar character. There are typical pop vibes in this song about the struggles of love and relationship. The strumming guitars and present rhythm lead to a rather easy listen. The background vocals are sometimes a bit too much, though, I feel.

9. Next Best Thing

It is not that surprising that the very energetic Next Best Thing has been picked as a single release. Especially the chorus of the song is one of the most striking moments of to be honest. Nice listen.

10. Call Me When You Get Home Friends

The tenth song is another very rhythmic one. The drumming reminds of drum programming. The song also has a really nice groove, which also creates a certain dancing attitude while listening to it.

11. Mama’s Eyes

The single release Mama’s Eyes is one of my favorites of the album. The song is – obviously – praising Tenille’s mother. She is stating I’m a little more like her each day. The key statement is in the chorus thus – I wish I had my mama’s eyes. Lovely one.

12. Summer Don’t Go

Summer Don’t Go has rather warm, but also emotional vibes. While you might initially think the song is struggling with the transition of seasons, it is in fact a love song. The chorus states summer don’t go breaking my heart. I really like the way Tenille tells this story.

13. Jealous of Myself (feat. LeAnn Rimes)

Featuring nobody but LeAnn Rimes, Jealous of Myself is somehow an outstanding release of the album promotion campaign. The song follows a typical Nashville duet plot and thus is a bit of predictable, despite its beauty.

14. Last Time Last (feat. Maddie & Tae)

The closing song Last Time Last is another track, in which Arts is supported by another music act. This time, the duo Maddie & Tae joyns forces with the artist. The song makes great use of this three vocalist setup. To me, the best song of the album comes last.


Tenille Arts – To Be Honest – Track by Track

Here is the album on Spotify:


Tenille Arts – To Be Honest – Track by Track

I was really looking forward to To Be Honest. Finally, the album turns out to be a rather fluent and fine listen. However, some more variety would help this record a lot. Some of the new songs struggle to define an own character as well.

Favorite Song: Last Time Last


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