Canaan Cox – Stilettos EP

Canaan Cox - Stilettos



4.4/5 Pros

  • Lovely and catching voice
  • Six different and very well done songs

Honestly, you read these phrases quite often in country music PR packages, but Canaan Cox has been characterized very often as one of these artists, who are on the rise, who will make it big very soon. The more, it is important for him to set a positive outlook with this second EP, Stilettos, which has been released on 24th July 2020.


Canaan Cox – About the Artist

Canaan Isaac Cox was born on 20th November 1989 in Asheville, North Carolina. His first single, which draw attention, was Lie released in August 2017. In October the same year, he released a self-titled EP, followed by numerous singles. Apart from songs, which are now on his second EP Stilettos, the most popular is likely Obvious. However, his Long Way Home (2019) has close to 450,000 streams on Spotify.


Canaan Cox – Stilettos – Track by Track

The six song EP lasts 20 minutes.

1. Hung Over You

The EP starts with a quite straight mainstream country music production: powerful, rocking, intense. Canaan Cox with that little bit of raspiness is definitely a lovely way to transport that story.

2. Stay Home

Stay Home is more rhythmic, more of that very popular modern sound where country is mixed with hip hop / elements. Still, Canaan Cox is more singing than speaking to us (which is quite important to me, at least). Stay Home, even you don’t want to – clear message (no social distancing).

3. He Loved Me

Cox released that song just about a month ago. It is a lovely musical love letter to his father (who was, by the way, also in the music business). Very deep, very touching – a key track of this EP to me.

4. Victim of a Dream

Canaan Cox just feels to have a great voice for deeply touching ballads – and if you need to have a musical proof for that, I would recommend to have a sniff of Victim of a Dream. I just enjoy to listen to these tunes.

5. She’s Sorry

Just as it needs another reason to think, Canaan Cox adds She’s Sorry to this EP. The piano ballad with orchestral background elements is even deeper, lovely to listen to.

6. Stilettos

Okay guys, here is the guy singing about high heels. And (not just because the shoes are cool, aren’t they?), this is my favorite. The reason? It is so surprising. With the brass in the background and the groovy rhythm, it feels like a fusion of country and swing to me. Nice guitar bridge as well. So many elements which do a great song.


Canaan Cox – Stilettos – Spotify

This is the Spotify link to Stilettos:


Canaan Cox – Stilettos – My View

The bad thing about the rating box on top and the Top Pick! banner on the top of the postings is simply: you know my thoughts about this one already. It is a really well done EP, giving a nice set of differently flavored musical experiences. Maybe, the press kits and press releases haven’t been too wrong this time: with songs like that, Canaan Cox should have more and more success very soon. Look forward to his next steps – no matter if he chooses boots, sneakers or Stilettos.


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