Matt Lang – More

Matt Lang - More



3.8/5 Pros

  • Eight good song
  • Some different styles Cons

  • Very streamlined productions
  • Too short

I unfortunately did not make it to follow one of the Matt Lang shows during the Country to Country in Berlin 2020 and only met the Canadian during the press conference there, but  the reviews of his shows are really good. The more I was looking forward to his 2020 album More, which he released on 5th June 2020.


Matt Lang – About The Artist

Matt Lang grew up in Maniwaki, a small town North of Ottawa in Quebec. Not too surprising, he was playing hockey, when the Canadian started to play music and recognized that this is his career goal. He started to perform in his mother tongue French and also competed in the 2015 Quebec edition of The Voice. However, he decided that he should switch to English. In 2018, he released his first English songs as well as his self-titled EP, which had quite well receptions. The most famous track is likely Love Me Some You.


Matt Lang – More – Track by Track

The eight song album lasts 24 minutes.

1. More

The steel guitars give a quite classic sound, but the electric ones lead to a lot of power – the EP starts with a really great title track. Really good starter.

2. Water Down the Whiskey

One of the songs which has been released before the EP. Not too surprising – the song is a really good one, nice on stage as well… And to be honest, songs about alcohol always sell well in Nashville. Cheers!

3. In a Bar

You can find me in a bar
On a stool
With some crown in my coke
Or an ice-cold brew

This song is a bit slower and, but still got quite some power. Unfortunately, it is one of these “Nashville-songs” I more and more started to criticize. Very streamlined and commercial music. Not bad stuff at all, but I always lack some character.

4. Only a Woman

Glad about this track. It just got something very special, with the background vocals in the chorus having a touch of gospel style. One of my favorites on the EP.

5. Getcha

The style of Getcha reminds me of More, but it definitely got its own sound and chraracter. Quite swinging sound, makes you want to dance. Nice track for a honky-tonk on Nashville’s Broadway.

6. Turn Her On

What I like about that album is that the songs are having quite different characters. However, there is a clear commercial touch in songs like Turn Her On. I still love to listen to it.

7. Better When I Drink

Whenever you have that [Explicit] in Amazon Music, it is time to listen to the lyrics even more closely.

It’s better when I drink
Worser when I don’t
Yeah it hurts a little less
The drunker I get
‘Til it’s time to go home
Whiskey helps to numb the pain
So I don’t have to think
Yeah, it’s better when I drink

Hmm, I expected something worse than this… The youth care worker in everyone of us may tell us that this song is praising alcoholism… But that’s what half of the genre’s songs do…. The song itself is great by the way.

8. Woke up Like This

To use explicit language by myself now: listening to this song s*cks. Not because it is a bad one (I feel it is not bad at all, maybe lacking a bit of spirit) – but just as you reached the eighth song, by far did not make it to the 30 minute mark and need to start at the beginning again. Where are the remaining songs, Matt?



Matt Lang – More – Spotify

Here is the Spotify pre-listen by Spotify:

Matt Lang – More – My View

First of all, I would like to suggest the name Less for this album instead of more – Matt Lang’s 2018 debut EP was just about a minute (and one song) shorter. I just cannot get used to these eight track albums, which are about the same duration as a Simpsons episode.

Apart from that, you receive eight good songs. Some are a bit too similar maybe, but overall Matt Lang delivers pretty well. Nice one. We just wanted More!!!


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