Leslie Jordan – Company’s Comin’

Leslie Jordan - Company's Comin'



4.1/5 Pros

  • Very nice range of gospel song versions
  • Great lineup with amazing artists

You debut album at the age of 65? The story behind Company’s Comin’, the album released on 2nd April 2021, indeed feels to be a special one. Leslie Jordan, the artist, is in fact rather known as an artist, writer and comedian. For the album, he is accompanied by a couple of really big names of the music business. After Carrie Underwood’s My Savior, the second album within a short time which is giving gospel tracks a Southern country touch. Let’s see who does better.


Leslie Jordan – About The Artist

Leslie Allen Jordan was born in Chattanooga, TN, on 29th April 1955. The list of movies and TV productions he played in is amazing. He also took part in theater and musical plays and is very successful on the social media side. Apart from the musical appearances, I could not find any music releases or stage appearances not linked to his 2021 album.


Leslie Jordan – Company’s Comin’ – Track by Track

The album contains fifteen tracks, five of them are short intermission snippets. The total playtime is 37 minutes.

1. This Little Light of Mine feat. Katie Pruitt

The album starts with a song, which is written by Harry Dixon Loes in the 1920’s. This version, about a century later, shows the fragility for the song in a beautiful way – and Katie Pruitt, who is typically releasing alternative country songs feels a perfect fit.

2. meet cut…

The first out of five intermission tracks. I won’t comment too much on them.

3. Angel Band feat. Brandi Carlile

The second song on the album is even dating back to 161 years ago. The voice of Brandi Carlile and the gospel choir in the background give a lovely classic gospel vibe, even while the song itself comes with a lot of Southern and country feeling as well. Really good one – the artists deserve the applause at the end of the track.

4. Where The Soul Never Dies feat. Dolly Parton

If you meet with Nashville’s finest, it wouldn’t be the Nashville finest ones if there wasn’t Dolly. Where The Soul Never Dies gives such a lovely traditional country vibe. But not only the lyrics also add the spiritual aura on top. After I struggled with Carrie, I feel that this album might work out.

5. somebody touched me…

23 seconds of Leslie Jordan playing Somebody touched me. A bit of sad that it is just one of these snippets – it sounds like a full recording could be worth it.

6. Sweet By and By feat. TJ Osborne

This one is an absolutely stunning collaboration. TJ Osborne’s dark voice feels very energetic, Leslie Jordan is partially joining like a prayer on top of that. Beautiful arrangement. Again, despite the song is very atmospheric, you still feel that it is a Nashville recording.

7. In All Things feat. Danny Myrick

Danny Myrick is an amazing Nashville songwriter. I am still fascinated by Sweet By and By before – In All Things cannot connect to that in my point of view. What I do like about this one, however, is the way the melody is interpreted. There are very classic parts with a traditional gospel touch, but also some parts which almost feel like a modern country song.

8. When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder feat. Tanya Tucker

The collaboration with Tanya Tucker was one I was looking forward to most. Leslie Jordan starts the song, before he states, Alright Miss Tanya, time for you to sell it. Lovely Southern vibe. The song is turning into a really nice one, even though I struggled with the Leslie’s voice at the beginning – felt a bit too squeeky to me.

9. whole world…

Another short snippet of Leslie and other people jamming He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands.

10. The One Who Hideth Me feat. Eddie Vedder

Weird Al Yankovic once sung My Baby’s In Love with Eddie Vedder – but in Company’s Coming, the Pearl Jam lead singer comes in a very different role. The song feels very intimately, like a quiet duet in church where the parish is joining in here and there.

11. The Longest Day feat. Travis Howard

For the eleventh track, Leslie Jordan chose to collaborate with another actor, Travis Howard. The song is rather quiet one – but this gives it is a very personal touch. Nice one!

12. i’ll fly away…

These snippets generally feel very promising. But they did not make it for more than twenty seconds on the album.

13. Workin’ On A Building feat. Ashley McBryde & Charlie Worsham

Workin’ On A Building is one of my favorites. It has so much spiritual power on the one hand (the three voices work so good together). It definitely comes with a strong Southern touch and is actually quite an uptempo and rhythmic song. Cool one.

14. Farther Along feat. Chris & Morgane Stapleton

Another collaboration of three. For Farther Along, the last full song of the album, Leslie is joined by the Stapleton family. A slow and somehow gentle-feeling song and a nice farewell from this well-done musical project.

15. last word…

And that’s how the story ends – some short words by Leslie Jordan at the end of the album.


Leslie Jordan – Company’s Comin’ – Spotify

Here is Company’s Comin’ on Spotify:


Leslie Jordan – Company’s Comin’ – My View

If people from other genres of arts try starting a music project, there are typically two options: either it is good – or awful. Leslie Jordan leaves no chance to dislike this album. He is smart enough to adjust the arrangements according to his musical skills – and his guests artists are doing an awesome job with him. Spiritual songs ranging from a very intimate and direct atmosphere to powerful tracks, which remind you of a Lousiana gospel church. This album does ten really nice recordings. Really good listen.



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