7fields – Under My Skin EP

7fields - Under My Skin



3.9/5 Pros

  • Very characteristic sound
  • Very good compositions Cons

  • The songs are a bit too similar
  • Just four tracks

You might not have heard from the German artist, but the man behind 7fields has been leading the legendary band Liquido, who conquered the world with Narcotic in 1998. 7fields released a new EP on 2nd July 2021, Under My Skin. I was really curious about it – here are my thoughts.


7fields – About The Artist

7fields is the new music project of Wolfgang Schrödl. As said, he formerly lead Liquido, which have been active between 1996 and 2009. Schrödl was also the person who had the idea to write that global success track. Schrödl had some band projects, like The Prophet’s Project or Jedermann, after Liquido broke up. Since a few years, Schrödl is releasing music again, as part of a solo project. He initially named himself Senex, now he is active as 7fields. His biggest success in that project was Heart in a Cage. The song has about half a million streams on Spotify only.


7fields – Under My Skin – Track by Track

The four songs EP lasts 16 minutes.

1. Under My Skin

I haven’t heard anything from Liquido of Schrödl since Narcotic, I believe – the more, I have been curious, how his songs will sound nowadays. There is still somehow the spirit of his classic in the title track of his 2021 EP, I feel. The rock elements are missing almost completely now. A slow, atmospheric sound, which is using the potentials of electronic music to create a signature sound.

2. Stranger (Year of the Dog)

Stranger (Year of the Dog) feels to be a very laid back and easy song, which even comes with some lounge sound elements. The electronic sounds, but also also the keyboards lead to a very characteristic sound. The vocals feel mystical. Cool.

3. Ikrarus

Putting the story of Ikarus into the sound of 7fields lead to one of the single releases before this EP. The story is just put into sounds in a very lovely way. Great atmosphere in this track.

4. Faith Excuses

The set of four songs closes with Faith Excuses, which starts quite slow, but then turns into a nice vibe and a very melodic track. Nice addition to the three other songs.


7fields – Under My Skin – Spotify

Here is Under My Skin on Spotify:


7fields – Under My Skin – My View

7fields creates a characteristic sound. The quality of the songs is very good. However, I would love to have some more variety. Ikarus is the outstanding track out of these four to me. If you like very atmospheric, electronic listen, you should definitely give Under My Skin a try.


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