Frances Luke Accord – Sunnyside EP

Frances Luke Accord - Sunnyside



3.8/5 Pros

  • Very atmospheric folk pop songs
  • Melody and beautiful vocals nicely arranged Cons

  • Just four tracks

Frances Luke Accord was one of my first Spotlight interviews in 2021. Among many other topics, we chatted about their (at that time) recent single Dust to Dust. On 19th March 2021, three additional songs will join it for the Sunnyside EP – time to listen into the music of “FLA”, how the duo is typically abbreviated.


Frances Luke Accord – About The Artists

Frances Luke Accord are an US-American folkpop duo. Nicholas Gunty and Brian Powers met during their high school time at South Bend, Illinois, home of the famous Notre Dame University. As stated above, I had a really nice interview with them in January 2021, so I just link it below of you for more information about them.

Spotlight – Meets Frances Luke Accord (21st January 2021)

Frances Luke Accord – Sunnyside – Track by Track

The four track EP lasts 13 minutes.

1. Maria

Take me with you, Maria, please
I’m so full and I need to empty
I set all my glittering cotton alight
On the bitter chance you’ll restore my sight

Maria is in fact a quite old track by the duo, it has been more than three years before the EP, on 9th March 2018. For Sunnyside, the track has been re-recorded. Nonetheless, the fragile sound of the song is a real beauty. Just 2:16 minutes, but a very enjoyable listen.

2. Sunnyside

Sunnyside has been the latest release before the EP. Again the duo is using quite simple and limited ways to create a lovely musical aura in the background, on which the put the story of the song. I love to listen to their lyrics:

Shake me, papa shake me
I’m a gambling spade
A gamble and a scramble
Sunny side up some days
But one day, papa one day
I will blow this world away
One day, papa one day
Blow this world away

3. Dust To Dust

Whistling, backing vocals, acoustic guitars and many more melodic elements: Frances Luke Accord just compose their sounds in a lovely way. Overall, the Dust To Dust is my favorite song of this EP.

4. The Clearing

The Clearing is the only in fact new song of the album. The 2:44 minute track starts very slow, with sounds with really make you feel you are at a clearing, listening to birds, hearing the wind rushing through the trees. It is indeed an instrumental song without lyrics – but due to that it shows how well FLA are working in regards of creating atmosphere. Nice.


Frances Luke Accord – Sunnyside – Spotify

Here is the Sunnyside on Spotify:



Frances Luke Accord – Sunnyside – My View

FLA do a lovely job in that Sunnyside compilation. I love how they make me travel to different landscapes they create with their music, their sounds, their stories. Unfortunately, this EP trip just comes in four stages, but I really enjoyed that I took this gentle ride with the Nicholas and Brian.


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