Pet Needs – Fractured Party Music

Pet Needs - Fractured Party Music



3.8/5 Pros

  • Very entertaining album
  • Surprising and versatile songs
  • Great lyrics Cons

  • Sometimes, Pet Needs push a bit too much - not really necessary

Some new punk rock on – and this time it is even a debut album: due to my connections to promotion agencies, I had a chance to listen into Fractured Party Music by the band Pet Needs. The cover itself is likely already sufficient argument to go for an album review – but I promise, there are some more ones. The release date of the album is 12th March 2021.


Pet Needs – About The Artists

Pet Needs is a band founded by brothers Johnny and George Marriott, who are from Derby in England. George (guitars) followed his brother to Colchester in the East Midlands, where Johny worked at a gas station. They started to write songs and upgraded the band with Jack on the drums and Rich for the bass. Their first publication is a 2017 EP, As Kites Fly By Pylons.


Pet Needs – Fractured Party Music – Track by Track

The eleven track album lasts 35 minutes.

1. Outline

The first three tracks of the album come with a total playtime of less than seven minutes. Thus, it is even more remarkable that the first half minute of Outline is nothing but screaming guitars. The remaining song is a nice punk rock track with slight metal elements – quite uptempo at its beginning, but then slowing down more and more. A mixture of an intro and a short song.

2. Tracy Emin’s Bed

The second track is the first one which really makes me smile. Tracy Emin’s Bed refers to the famous My Bed by the Liverpool artist, which has been bought for 2.5 million GBP in 2014. Cool song.

3. Sympathetic Accent Syndrome

After referring to historic of arts, Pet Needs are now titling their third song after a physical disorder. The song is fun again, very speedy and powerful.

4. Toothpaste

You’ve had the same loose gate for as long as I remember.
In decent light it’s beautiful but unhinged,
we have weathered together.
And I still tear myself apart in the dark,
on my own at the end of my tether.
Wondering how I got this far and if I’d ever jump from here.

The simple chorus turns this song into an also easy sing-a-long song, a track for the masses when on stage. What a contrast to quite heavy verses. This song rather touches the hard rock genre – if there wasn’t the very simple chorus.

5. Overcompensating

Powerful riffs, nice short tempo changes and a catchy chorus – that all feels like nice ingredients for an interesting punk rocker. The result is Overcompensating, the fifth track of the album. Another really enjoyable tune – even though I feel that the bridge feels rather long and the more escalating guitar play and shouting is rather unnecessary there.

6. As The Spin Cycle Span

The whiny beginning of As The Spin Cycle Span might feel a big confusing – and indeed the acoustic sound of this song rather feels like an musical murder ballad or a dark shanty. It is a very characteristic sound and mood, compared to other songs on the album. Not my favorite, but at least special.

7. Pavlovian

After this acoustic intermission, the electric guitars are back in business. I wonder why they chose this song as one of their single. The looped I love you in the chorus leads to an easy remembering of the song – but overall, I feel it is rather average, despite its hilarious lyrics.

8. Kayak

Kayak is a powerful punk rock song. The guitars and the voices are having most of the listeners attention, for sure. One of my favorite songs.

9. You Look Like You Never Bought A Scratchcard

Another song, whose title is likely unique in the world of music. The song with the speedy acoustic guitars almost feels like a folk rock song. Cool, unique – and definitely a song which gives you a big smile for 3:38 minutes. Masterpiece!

10. Roses

Roses starts very melodic with a nice chorus. However, the song runs off with a long intstrumental finale, which feels a bit too long to me.

11. Embers

After songs about owning scratchcard, a song dealing about ashes more or less feels logical. The rather slow song almost comes with a Southern rock touch. Interesting finish before we grab our horses and ride away… Do punk rockers do that? Asking for a friend…


Pet Needs – Fractured Party Music – Spotify

Here is the plushy album on Spotify:


Pet Needs – Fractured Party Music – My View

Fractured Party Music is a fun album. It is well recorded, always surprising, but entertaining in a very positve manner. Sometimes, I would hope for some more balance in the songs – Pet Needs partially overreach their effort in trying to write good music and especially end up in too long noisy instrumental parts. Overall, they gave me quite some smiles and laughs durign 34 minutes of album playtime – so I really thankful for this experience.


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