The Struts – Pretty Vicious

The Struts - Pretty Vicious



4.4/5 Pros

  • Great alternative rock album
  • Nice range of styles and songs

During the last weeks, The Struts more and more established in the international (alternative) rock music scene. With Pretty Vicious, they are releasing their fourth studio album overall. The release date of the album is 3rd November 2023.


The Struts – About The Artists

The Struts are a British rock band. Founded in Derby, they are active since 2012. The four current band members are Luke Spiller, Adam Slack, Jed Elliott and Gethin Davies. Already with their debut album Everybody Wants (2014), they made it into the album charts of their home country, but also in Canada and the United States. Thereafter, The Struts had two more albums, Young & Dangerous (2018) and Strange Days (2020). On the singles side, their best chart placement were three Top 3 singles in the Canadian Rock Charts. Namely, they are Could Have Been Me (2013), Kiss This (2014) and Body Talks (2018).


The Struts – Pretty Vicious – Track by Track

The eleven track album lasts 45 minutes.

1. Too Good At Raising Hell

I love the very special language of press kits (which are most of the time so overwhelming that you don’t believe them anyway…). About Too Good At Raising Hell, the track by track info states in the very first sentence: The Struts stroll into their new era of music with a surging, sexy, and swaggering summer-ready rock
track about getting burnt out on the fumes of the rock and roll lifestyle. It’s actually a pretty good description in too fancy words. I would say: the opener is a cool rocker with some warm positive vibes. Definitely a good option to attract the listener to have a deeper listen into Pretty Vicious.

2. Pretty Vicious

The title track is at the second position of the album. With just over five minutes, it is the its longest track as well. Pretty Vicious is more gentle and brave than the opener, but definitely good listen. The song is strongly focusing on the lyrics, even though they are definitely not the deepest and most complex ones of this release.

3. I Won’t Run

After two single releases, the album presents three new songs. I Won’t Run is opening this block – and catches the listener with a typical guitar-driven alternative rock melody right at the beginning.The stanzas feel a bit as if they were waiting for the big rock music explosion in the chorus – which is finally happening as well. A straight feel-good song for rock music lovers.

So I ain’t turning
I ain’t hiding
I’m gonna dance up the ropes when I’m fighting
If I’m hurting
Broken and bleeding
Giving it every breath while I’m breathing
And I won’t run
I won’t run
I’m holding on
Giving it every breath while I’m breathing
And I won’t run

4. Hands On Me

The piano is beginning Hands On Me, which initially feels like a rock ballad. However, there are sufficient rocking elements away. I would thus describe this one as an alternative rocker with a soft rock touch.

5. Do What You Want

A good band needs to have these party songs. The ones for the end of the show. People had a few beer already, they had a nice party with you and now, just before the encore, you take that song to blow the roof off the venue. Do What You Want is a song like that. Simple and catchy chorus, which is perfect for a late night scream-a-long with the band. Do What You Want while listening to this one.

6. Rockstar

Rockstar is the third single release on this album. The song comes with a good speed and energy. The melody is a good catch. And doesn’t the chorus have perfect Rockstar attitude as well?

I see you shaking your arse
Like a rockstar
Just like a rockstar
Nobody can touch ya
Touch ya
Yeah you know who you are

7. Remember The Name

I should not work in music industry. Very frequently, my favorite songs of an album have not even picked as single releases (yet). The same applies for this album – my favorite listen is Remember The Name. The straight classic rocker with some nostalgic heart is simply blowing my mind and making me move to its vibes. Love it!

8. Bad Decisions

After this guitar riff firework, Bad Decisions comes with beautifully melancholic, slower style. The song has a nice groove which perfectly  matches the vocal side of the track. The groove is also the key factor which makes you keep the song in mind well after listening to it.

9. Better Love

Come on baby make your mind up
I know he’s trying to keep your mouth shut 
I see you looking for the right stuff
I could give you better love

The chorus gives a clear message – and the song does not leave a qeustion mark that these guys are serious about it. Another good rocker, one for the groupies, maybe 🙂

10. Gimme Some Blood

You have waited for it, haven’t you? Gimme Some Blood is the almost mandatory ballad. The song is initially driven by a strumming guitar and the piano. The Struts add some more rock energy later, but Gimme Some Blood keeps on being a nice power ballad, which is even maybe s bit too powerful at the end.

11. Somebody Someday

Okay, and there is another one. If the second part of Gimme Some Blood has been too hard for you, this is the purely emotional finale. This one is really soupy, though.


The Struts – Pretty Vicious – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify


The Struts – Pretty Vicious – My View

Pretty Vicious is a really nice album. The Struts underline that they are really good rockers. From gentle moments at the end of the album to party tracks, the album’s got it. And it does not go for really weaker spots. Really like it!

Favorite Song: Remember The Name


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