Julian Reim – In meinem Kopf

Julian Reim - In meinem Kopf



2.9/5 Pros

  • Some good stories and songs Cons

  • Too many rather weak songs
  • A bit of repetitive

The Reim family on after the big daddy Matthias Reim, one of the biggest German schlager-rock artists in Germany, and his album MATTHIAS, his daughter Marie with her album 14 Phasen, I now cover Matthias’ son. Julian Reim. On 6th May, Julian is releasing his debut album In meinem Kopf – “In my head”. And, of course, it is a schlager album as well. I just had to have a listen.


Julian Reim – About The Artist

Julian Reim was born on 3rd November 1996 in Naples, Florida, USA. His mother is Margot Scheuermeyer, who is the second wife of Matthias Reim (who has overall seven children with six different mothers). He started to do music in his teenage years and had a first TV appearance at the age of 13. Grau was his debut single in 2019. So far, he released six singles, all of them are part of In meinem Kopf.


Julian Reim – In meinem Kopf – Track by Track

The 15 song album lasts 43 minutes.

1. Intro – In meinem Kopf

The one minute intro comes with piano and electronic sounds and even some lyrics. Good one.

2. Fühlen wir uns gut an

The second track is one out of six, which is already known by the Julian Reim fans. The main theme feels a bit like Markus’ NDW song Ich will Spaß. Classic schlager track with electronic beats.

3. Ich hab dich lieb

That’s straight schlager: you just cannot argue that Ich hab Dich lieb (“I love you”) either comes with a complex plot or with deep lyrics. It is made to have fun while listening to the music. It is recorded to make you move and dance when you run on the track on the dancefloor. A bit too thin for me.

4. Mir egal

Mir egal is the kind of song which finally made me feel I should have some focus on this album: the guitar line gives some folk touch, the vibe of the chorus is the one of a summer track. Much better storytelling than in the songs before as well.

5. Grau

Grau (“Grey”) is another really good one in my point of view. Nice pop touch and not that that kitschy like the first tracks of the album.

6. Dämonen

Dämonen is a bit darker and more dramatic than the songs before. Not too surprisingly: the title translates to “Demons”. The song, however, is in fact a love song. I struggle to really get into the song, even though it has some individual touch.

7. Euphorie

Und es ist wie Magie
Denn ich spür’ die Euphorie
Wenn ich tanz’ wie ich tanz’
Wie ich bin
Es ist wie Zauberei
Und ich fühl’ mich wieder frei
Denn ich tanz’ wie ich tanz’
Wie ich will.

(“And it is like magic
‘Cause I feel the euphoria
When I dance how I dance
How I am.
It is like magic
And I feel free again
When I dance how I dance
How I am.”)

The song is in fact not a bad one. But somehow, it just does not manage to touch me. To me, Julian Reim struggles to spread this warmth, this magic of schlager in too many of his songs. That’s still a contrast to his father or his half-sister.

8. Universum

Another song, similar feelings: Reim is telling a good story, the melody is not too bad, but I just don’t get rid of this “he could do better” feeling. In this song, especially, I also feel a lack of vocal quality.

9. Eine Welt entfernt

Eine Welt entfernt comes with an ukulele-alike background melody. The song feels very emotional, very dreamish. Yeah, this song is extra-plushy. But ain’t that sometimes exactly what we are aiming for?

10. Meer

Meer is more of a synth-pop disco-fox tracks with a growl-a-long background choir. Not too bad.

11. Gravitation

Und wenn es zweite Chancen gibt, hab’n wir sie verdient
Ganz egal, was ich mach, ich hab dich immer geliebt
In meinem Herzen gibt es keine Option
Dieses Ding zwischen uns ist wie Gravitation

(“And if there is a second chance, we have deserved it
No matter what I do, I have loved you all the time
In my heart there is no option
This thing between us is like gravity”).

Sorry Julian, that’s just the kind of schlager I absolutely hate. You take a topic, here Gravitation (“Gravity”) and force it into a schlager track. I did not like it when Maite Kelly was doing a soccer-song about love and Vanessa’s Mai’s Landebahn (“Runway”) on her Mai Tai album did not really lead to more positive thoughts on my side.

12. Vater und Sohn (feat. Matthias Reim)

Here’s the highlight of the album. It just got two factors: Vater and Sohn is a cover track and the original, Father and Son by Cat Stevens / Yusuf is just too magical. The second key factor: daddy’s here. Matthias Reim turns this duet with his son to a nice listen. If you feel to listen to this classic in German, that’s an excellent option.

13. Rote Blätter

This song has quite some energy and thus feels to move the album back towards pop rather than schlager. Much better work on the microphone here as well. One of my favorite songs.

14. Liebe ohne Tränen

The finale of the album indeed has some great listens. The sax melodies gives the song a fresh, happy vibe. Could become a summer hit – bad luck that the lyrics are very schlager-alike, this could be a mainstream radio song.

15. Silberstreif

The first tunes of the song are just a piano melody – but instead of closing In meinem Kopf with a ballad, Silberstreif is typical schlager dance. One of the better songs of the album, though.


Julian Reim – In meinem Kopf – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Julian Reim – In meinem Kopf – My View

This album is full of ups and downs to me. First of all, Julian Reim can neither connect to the work of his father nor of his stepsister Marie so far. I am not sure if it is good that the two step-siblings concentrate that much on schlager. Julian has a lot of potential – but on this album, too many tracks are not good enough enough. And the schlager branding might discourage some potential listeners. on Mallorca

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