Trisha Yearwood – Every Girl

Trisha Yearwood - Every Girl



3.8/5 Pros

  • Some really nice songs
  • Good musical quality Cons

  • A bit of monotonous

Trisha Yearwood – definitely one of the very big names in country music business. Nowadays the wife of Garth Brooks, who is also part of her 2019 album, she released Every Girl on 30th August 2019. Here is my view on her latest songs.


Trisha Yearwood – About the Artist

Trisha Yearwood was born in Georgia in 1964. She started being a professional singer in 1985. As she studied music business and was an intern, later an employee of a record company, one of her first footprints in global music business was to sing backgrounds for Garth Brooks. Her breakthrough was the 1991 debut single She’s In Love with the Boy, which was a chart-topper in the Billboard country singles. Her debut album sold over two million copies. Every Girl is Yearwood’s 14th studio album. Her production regularly hit the US Country Top 10. Her last Billboard Single Country Chart topper was the 1998 Perfect Love. On international level, the 1997 How Do I Live was likely her biggest success. Though it was just #2 in the US Country single charts, it also entered #23 in the US Single charts, topped the Canadian Country charts and had Top Ten placements in Ireland and Australia. The song was a worldwide hit by LeAnn Rimes in parallel, so that the same song was nominated for the Grammy’s for the first time nominated two performers for the same song in parallel. The song was popular as it was on the Con Air movie soundtrack.

Trisha Yearwood – Every Girl – Track by Track

Every Girl contains 14 tracks and lasts 49 minutes.


1. Workin’ on Whiskey

Though it is a rather slow song, Workin’ on Whiskey has a lot of power and thus is a great start of the Every Day album.

I start seeing things I shouldn’t see
And wanting things I shouldn’t be
And wrestling with the memory that won’t let me go
I’ve tried and tried to give you up
But once you’ve had the strong stuff
Nothing else will be enough, so I’ll be
Workin’ on whiskey

2. Find a Way

After that rather slow start, Find a Way has a lot of speed. It also feels just a bit more easy – a nice good mood song!

3. Home

And home, sings me of sweet things
My life there has its own wings
To fly over the mountains
Though I’m standing still

The third track is on the ballad side again, an ode to being home. Very nice song.

4. Every Girl in This Town

Every Girl In This Town is the first track on the album, which has some strong guitars. Great and catching songwriting and production, which also shows how versatile Trisha Yearwood is.

5. Tell Me Something I Don’t Know (feat. Kelly Clarkson)

This song with Kelly Clarkson is the best one on the whole album to me. A ballad, but very powerful. It has a touch of How Do I Live to me…

Tell me something I don’t know
This wind’s gonna have to blow
I know you’re only trying to help
But I will find out for myself
I know your heart’s in the right place
But I can make my own mistakes
It’s gonna hurt when he let’s go
Tell me something I don’t know

6. What Gave Me Away (feat. Garth Brooks)

The next song is another duet – and another great song. This time, she pairs up with Garth Brooks – good choice, he is her husband anyway. A nice and intense production with nice guitar play.

7. Something Kinda Like It

After some slower song, this is a speedy classic country song. Makes you dance from the very beginning.

8. When Lonely Calls

The title already tells you: ballad time again. Yearwood’s strong voice is in clear focus of this intense production.

9. The Matador

Some man is lying in the dirt
Some woman’s crying that he’s hurt
But he’s not alive without the thrill
Without the dance, without the kill
The lights go down, the people roar
They’re cheering on the matador
And this is how the story goes
I knew it when I threw the rose

Great storytelling and songwriting. Really has some Iberian touch in it. Maybe the most picturesque song on this album. You need to listen to it – but then you will like it.

10. I’ll Carry You Home

Another ballad. Strong backing vocals this time. Definitely a nice production.

11. Drink Up

I love that song. The verses are very accentuated and give a nice swaying rhythm, the chorus is powerful.

12. Bible and a .44 (with Patty Loveless)

He’d see through a lie like an old screen door
He taught me how to hunt and how to love the Lord
He carried a bible and a.44
And they just don’t make em like that no more

A very intense homage on Yearwood’s father. One of the best ballads on the album. Though it is a bit too “American” for my taste.

13. Can’t Take Back Goodbye

Hey, there is a uptempo song again. Feels like pop music a bit. Definitely track to dance to with a touch of country!

14. Love You Anyway (feat. Don Henley)

Yearwood had some few recordings with Don Henley some ten years ago – Every Girl is concluding with another of those. An amazing and catching ballad.

Tear this heart right out of me
Lock it up then lose the key
Curse my name when you kneel to pray
I’m gonna love you anyway


Trisha Yearwood – Every Girl – Spotify

Here is the full album via Spotify:


Trisha Yearwood – Every Girl – My View

Strong voice, nice country sound – Every Girl is definitely an album worth listening to. Yearwood did some really nice productions on this long player. On the ballad side, there are some too strong similarities – I would love them to be more characteristic. But the album is definitely a good buy. about Country Music

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