Incredible Pack – Time For Decisions

Incredible Pack - Time For Decisions



4.3/5 Pros

  • Really cool blues rock sound
  • Very good musical skills Cons

  • Some songs in the middle of the album cannot fully hold the same quality as the remaining ones

Blues rock with a Texan touch” – that’s how the press kit to their second album Time For Decisions is describing the band Incredible Pack. In fact, the band is not at all from the United States, but a German act, which is based in Frankfurt. The album has been released on 2nd December 2021. I had a listen.


Incredible Pack – About The Artists

The Incredible Pack are active since 2017. The band has been founded by Andreas Schmid-Martelle, who is the lead singer and guitarist of the band. He has been active in the Jule Neigel Band and some blues projects before. Manni von Bohr is another founding member of the project. He is playing the drums. Last, but not least, bassist Ufo Walter has joined the band slightly later. The Incredible Pack has already released the album Packed in Blue in 2020.


Incredible Pack – Time For Decisions – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 49 minutes. There have been no single releases before album release.

1. Sleeping With The Lights On

The first notes of Sleeping WIth The Lights On could also be from a hard rock track. With the inception of the vocals, though, the song turns into finest Southern blues rock. The chorus simply has a cool song. I did not know the band yet – but already the first tunes persuaded me to have a deeper listen and review.

2. Hot Shot

Hot Shot is a more melodic rocker with less blues vibe (but a very present and good melody). Thus, the song leans towards a country rocker. The middle part of the song features a nice instrumental section – these guys enjoy doing their kind of music, indeed.

3. Disbelieve

No ones knows the future
It’s beyond what we can see
You show your true colors
In what you disbelieve

You can live with questions
That’s immaturity
Life will stay behind
with what you did to me

The chorus comes are almost in style of a loudspeaker announcement, while in the remaining song, the Incredible Pack trio is rocking and creating a great blues vibe. A song, which simply stays in your mind – I definitely recommend to dare a listen.

4. Practice What You Preach

Practice What You Preach has a very own sound. It does not have too many blues references. “Just” a straight rocker with a nice classic rock touch. This time, Schmid-Martelle can show his instrumental skills during a nice guitar solo.

5. Time For A Decision

Time For A Decision comes back with that magical bass groove, which leads to the very special blues touch. Regardless of Ufo Walter’s great work, the song is also a great rocker, which even has some stadium rock potential. It definitely creates that emotional-infectious feeling, when you listen to it.

6. Let Me Be Your Friend

The first five songs did not give too many reasons why you should not like the Incredible Pack. Nonetheless, they ask in the sixth one to Let Me Be Your Friend. Okay, the story is a bit of different and the song is a breakup one. A rather slow one on the emotional sound. Nice vocal performance, even though the song is not on the top of my favorites.

7. The Crazy Ones Want Me

A song like a slow ride through the prairie. In the seventh song, the Germans concentrate on the groove of the song – the prairie ride could indeed be rather a camel than a horse. The song is not that catchy, also because is comes with a certain level of monotony.

8. Worse Before It Gets Better

After the massive start of the album, the songs in this part of Time For Decisions feel very melodic and have great quality on the lyric side – but they are lacking the power and the energy of the beginning. Just too easy not to listen to the songs. Quite a shame, as the trio does a good song here.

9. I Can’t Cry

I Can’t Cry is another rather moderate speed performance. The song has a very classic blues rock sound, which turns it into something special. A bit of 1970’s feeling on this album.

10. Dangerous Age

Dangerous Age has a lot of power and comes with its very own sound. However, the most catching element of the song is the somehow monotonous, but simply striking work on the bass. After a couple of songs which did not give me the very best feeling, this one is a cool listen again.

11. Don’t Think About Her When You’re Trying To Drive

In the world of Time For DecisionsDon’t Think About Her When You’re Trying To Drive (that’s indeed a unique song title..) is a rock power ballad. Very present lyrics and a beautiful new touch in the second last song of the album.

12. Hello Josephine (LCR Mix)

The album closes with some cool rock’n’roll vibes. The Fats Domino cover is a great way to make you smile at the end of the album.


Incredible Pack – Time For Decisions – Spotify

Here is Time For Decisions on Spotify:


Incredible Pack – Time For Decisions – My View

I really loved to listen to major parts of the album. Bad luck that for a few songs the Incredible Pack cannot fully catch up with their presence and ear-catching sound on this 2021 album. Nonetheless, I definitely recommend to have a listen to Time For Decisions if you like blues rock or Southern Rock.


Incredible Pack – Time For Decisions Tour 2022

The trio is touring in early 2022 through Germany. Here are the tour dates:

Mo 21.03.2022 Bremen, Meisenfrei
Tu 22.03.2022 Hanover, Bei Chez Heinz
Th 24.03.2022 Göttingen, Exil
Fr 25.03.2022 Cologne, Yard Club
Sa 26.03.2022 Münster, Hot Jazz Club
Su 27.03.2022 Dortmund, Piano
Tu 29.03.2022 Fürth, Kofferfabrik
We 30.03.2022 Mannheim, 7er Club
Sa 02.04.2022 Chemnitz, Krystallpalast



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