Carson – The Wilful Pursuit of Ignorance

Carson - The Wilful Pursuit of Ignorance



3.8/5 Pros

  • Straight and very solid storner rock album
  • Some nice variations in the first half of the CD

Stoner rock from Switzerland… or New Zealand… or both? The background of Carson is quite international. On 15th April 2022, they release their second album, The Wilful Pursuit of Ignorance. I had a listen.


Carson – About The Artists

Carson has been founded in 2010. The key driver of the project was the New Zealand artist Kieran Mortimer-Jones, who is the guitarist and singer of the band. The roots of the band are in fact in his home country, there has even been an EP in 2011. Mortimer-Jones moved to Switzerland and re-founded the Carson there. Nowadays,the band is based in Lucerne, Switzerland. The trio is completed by drummer Jan Kumann and bassist Elina Willener, who is also the backing vocalist of the band. Just half a year after this event in 2012, the band released a self-titled EP, which had some attention by the Swiss music media. The biggest release so far is Drown the Witness. The debut album of the trio has been released in 2017.


Carson – The Wilful Pursuit of Ignorance – Track by Track

The eight track album lasts 37 minutes.

1. Dirty Dream Maker

The album starts with this straight rock track. Mortimer-Jones’ voice gives a nice signature touch and makes you feel comfortable from the very first moments. Nice to have a certain very own Carson sound favor in here.

2. The Last Laugh

Stoner rock? The second track just cannot deny a certain grunge touch. Maybe they listened a bit too much to Nirvana albums on the way to the studio. I like that sound, including the marching rhythm and the nice bass groove.


3. Siren

Even though Siren starts as a rocker (again), the song also takes its very quiet moments. For example, some half a minute after the beginning of siren, the song much rather feels like a slow, a bit of whiny alternative rock song. The band takes themselves a lot of time to develop the song – which is also reflected in the seven minute duration. Once the electric guitar are full back, you also hear the sirens in the song.

4. Gimmie

If you were simply longing for a stoner rock album, you might directly jump to Gimmie. That’s just what the genre is about. A good listen – not only for fans.

5. Too Far

GimmieToo Far and No Joy are not only the songs in the middle of the album, they all praise the rock genre. Very nice work on the guitar in here and very nice and present bass sounds. Well done, straight listen.

6. No Joy

Even though the beginning of this five minute track rather reminds me of blues rock, Carson go back to the sound they established the songs before. Never change a winning team – or sound. At least if it does not get too boring. I don’s see that yet.

7. The Wilful Pursuit Of Ignorance

The second last song of the album is finally the title track. The song is showing a rougher sound than its predecessors. The song has an immense energy and push. Nice.

8. Outbound Tide

The closing track Outbound Tide is not coming with any surprises for the listener: Good work on the instrumental side, present vocal performance and a good leverage between vocal and instrumental parts. Straight, honest, good.


Carson – The Wilful Pursuit of Ignorance – Spotiy

Here is The Wilful Pursuit of Ignorance on Spotify:


Carson – The Wilful Pursuit of Ignorance – My View

Carson’s 2022 long player is no album for the Rock Music Hall of Fame. It is an honest, well produced and straight listen. Especially if you like stoner rock sounds, you will love The Wilful Pursuit of Ignorance. For other listeners, it is still a really solid and realiable listen without any remarkable weakness.


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