Go Go Berlin – Expectations

Go Go Berlin - Expectations



4.0/5 Pros

  • Very nice mixture of (electronic) pop and rock songs
  • Good vocal performance

Go Go Berlin is a poprock band from Denmark, which I would have likely never been in touch with – if there wasn’t a promotion platform which offered their 2021 album to me. I liked the sound of Expectations at first sight – and now dare to have a deeper listen with you. Release date has been 8th October 2021. Here is my review.


Go Go Berlin – About The Artists

Go Go Berlin are a trio from Silkeborg in central Denmark, which is active since 2010. Their current lineup is Christian Vium (vocals, guitar), Anders Sondergaard (organ) and Christoffer Ostergaard (drums). They released three albums so far. Already with the first oneNew Gold, they climbed up to the fifth place in their home country. Two years later, Electric Lives could almost repeat this placement. In 2019, they released their third album so far, The Ocean. In 2020, they also published the EP LYFE, which had rather experimental sounds.


Go Go Berlin – Expectations – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 41 minutes.

1. Call It Karma

On the one hand, the opener Call It Karma reminds my of 1980’s and 1990’s synth pop tracks – on the other hand, the song feels rather modern. Very melodic, catchy pop track, which uses electronic sounds, but also guitars and other elements. The crystal-clear vocals lead to a relaxed listen.

2. Replicator

The Replicator feels even more like a travel back in time. However, the song is neither old-fashioned nor boring. Some more chances for the guitar strings to present themselves in this track. The song makes you smile and move – that’s always a good sign in pop music.

3. Better Off Alone

That’s the thing about love
You just can’t make it up
You might be better off alone
And now that I’m gone
I hope you move on
You should know that you’re better off alone
‘Cause I’ve got too much baggage
Too much damage
You can’t save me now

While listening to Better Off Alone, I felt whether this song would be even better with a little bit of more tempo. However, it is a really cool track with good lyrics and a catchy chorus. One of my favorites.

4. Careless

Careless is the lead single for this 2021 album. A bit more angry, a bit more crispy and a bit more electronic than the three songs before. This does not change at all that it is a cool listen, which stays in your mind.

5. Murderer

She’s a murderer
Get close she’ll hurt you
And I surrender my heart to her

A bit of a surprising touch: the Murderer is rather a soft rock song with a touch of electronic sounds. Slower, more gentle than the songs before. Nice contrast and an enjoyable listen.

6. One Night

Even though I am not too fond of the verses and the bridge – the chorus of One Night spreads the magic of the many of the songs before: It is just too good and stays in your mind.

7. Palms In California

Palms in California has more groove – not only due to the bass parts which are spread over the track. Overall, the song feels more experimental than other and sometimes even fully concentrates on the vocals, before it goes back to a nice electro-rock sound.

8. 2ND Stranger

Comparably slow and a bit of melancholic sounds in 2ND Stranger (the capital letters are intentional). Very impressive atmosphere, even though I would overall not rate the song too high.

Wish you were a deja vu
Hate myself for hurting you
I know I’m the fuck-up here
You really really made that clear
What am I supposed to do
I’m still holding on to you
Make this pain go away
unpack my bags and make me stay

9. See The Light

See The Light is a great song just to relax, listen and enjoy to me. Happy vibes, even a bit of summer touch to me. I enjoy to listen to the melody and move to the groove of the song. Good song.

10. Remedy

Remedy is a cool, laid back track at the end with powerful vocals and a nice electronic background. Nice way to close this album.


Go Go Berlin – Expectations – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Go Go Berlin – Expectations – My View

I just happened to listen to Expectations by chance – but already after a couple of seconds, I became more and more curious about it. It is a really nice and enjoyable album working with electronic pop and rock elements and interesting lyrics. Good job by the Danish band – and maybe a chance to receive more attention outside their home country.


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