Nickelback – Get Rollin’

Nickelback - Get Rollin'



3.9/5 Pros

  • Straight Nickelback sound
  • Some really nice experiments towards other genres Cons

  • Here and there a bit too average

Get Rollin’ is a small anniversary for Nickelband. It is the tenth studio album overall by the post grunge band. I had a listen to the 18th November 2022 release – here is my review.


Nickelback – About The Artists

Nickelback is a Canadian rock band which has been founded in Hanna, Alberta, in 1995. Their original lineup included three Kroeger brothers. The most prominent is Chad, who is the singer and guitarist of the band. Mike is playing the bass, while Brandon was the drummer of the band. After multiple replacements, Daniel Adar is taking this role since 2005. The fourtn band member is Ryan Peake, who is nowadays majorly doing the keys and guitar play. Already the very first Nickelback album, Curb in 1996, created quite some attention with Top 100 placements in Germany and Switzerland. 10 million copies sold and multiple chart-topping sales – the breakthrough album of he Canadiens indeed has been Silver Side Up in 2001. The key reason for the success was the global success single How You Remind Me. Since this third studio album, the band is a big player in the global rock scene. The fans, however, had to wait for a new album for more than five years – the previous 2017 album Feed The Machine had massive success and was a Top 3 album in countless markets.



Nickelback – Get Rollin’ – Track by Track

The eleven song album lasts 41 minutes.

1. San Quentin

San Quentin opens the 2022 Nickelback album show with a stomping rhythm and powerful work on the guitar.I feel a touch of ZZ Top, even though the sound of Nickelback is more energetic and less laid back. You wake up and you love it. Great work on the bass as well.

2. Skinny Little Missy

Skinny Little Missy feels to rather take an alternative rock way – but finally, the song feels very Nickelback-alike. The stomping-marching rhythm of the opener is great driver, Chad Kroeger feels familiar like decades. A song like a Swiss watch: you can simply rely on it.

3. Those Days

The first verses of Those Days feel like a stripped down, almost acoustic version of How You Remind Me. With the chorus latest, the song creates his own character – but it just keeps on feeling a bit of nostalgic as well. A touch of country rock is hard to overlook.

4. High Time

Did I say country rock? With High Time latest, country rock and Southern rock fans got their Nickelback anthem. The song feels a bit of predictable – but that also means you quickly get into it, even if the album is your first time being in touch with this previous single release.

5. Vegas Bomb

The Vegas Bomb is just like a long night in Sin City: tough, hard and full of good experience. The pre-chorus will be a great part of future Nickelback shows. Amazing groove.

6. Tidal Wave

There was country rock, metal-alike tracks – and Tidal Wave creates its very own sound by reminding on surfing rock. Overall, the sixth track is a rather slow one, which is also very atmospheric.

7. Does Heaven Even Know You’Re Missing

The Canadians have proven in the past that they are able to record amazing power ballads. There is a bit of nostalgic feels in this – but more than that, Nickelback is loading us with emotions. Great listen for the open-hearted.

8. Steel Still Rusts

The song has a nice vibe and overall leads to a nice 4:28 minutes listen. However, you have to also state that the song feels less special as you might expect it to sound alike.

9. Horizon

The mid-tempo song Horizon clearly focuses on the storytelling and Chad Kroeger’s vocals skills. The instrumentalists are present, but overall feel to be subordinate. The humming background guitar cannot really change it.

10. Standing In The Dark

The second last track has a slight pop touch in the verses, but is overall a rock song with the typical Nickelback signature. Standing In The Dark is, however, defininitely not on the top of the list of Nickelback recordings.

11. Just One More

At least the title feels to be the right song for the “Last Call” of the album. There is a touch of melancholy in this song, but at least the post-chorus also has some nice potential for live performance interaction with the fans. Good one.


Nickelback – Get Rollin’ – Spotify

Here is Get Rollin’ on Spotify:


Nickelback – Get Rollin’ – My View

2022: Nickelback sounds like Nickelback. Unfortunately, some of the songs also rather feel like an average Nickelback song. Not the classics, the big ones. On the other hand, when Nickelback is moving towards metal or Southern rock, Ger Rollin’ is definitely an exciting listen. There is not really a bad song on the album as well – so overall, they delivered a really nice listen. If that’s sufficient regarding it is a Nickelback one is fully up to you.


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