CJ Solar – Coming My Way EP

CJ Solar - Coming My Way EP



3.8/5 Pros

  • Great Songwriting
  • Nice genre mix of country, Southern and grunge elements
  • Overall, six good songs Cons

  • Some songs are bit too similar.

There are still so many talented and high quality music acts in Nashville, which I haven’t been aware of so far. I happened to run into CJ Solar and his third EPComing My Way, by a tweet of a British country music website. I dared a listen and felt it is just music I want to share with you. The EP has been released on 1st May 2020.


CJ Solar – About The Artist

Curtis Justin Solar was born on 26th September 1992 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is mixing country music and Southern Rock with grunge elments, being influenced by bands like Lynyrd Slynyrd, but also Nirvana or Soundgarden. He started playing the guitar at the age of eight years old and soon thereafter formed his initial band with his brothers. After high school, Solar moved to Nashville and graduated at Belmont University in songwriting. An intern job, where he was asked about his own music, gave him his initial record deal and he published his debut EP Hard One To Turn Down in 2016. The most successful track out of this EP was Tall Boy. After that EP and the 2018 Get Away With It, Coming My Way is the third EP by Solar, who is also quite successful in songwriting.


CJ Solar – Coming My Way – Track by Track

The six track EP has a playtime of 19 minutes.

1. Coming My Way

The title track sets a certain direction: a bit dark sounding, powerful Southern-style country rock. You may stomp your boots to it – but a slight headbangin’ might even be not too wrong as well. Good one!

2. Better Memory

Better Memory is a bit more on the softer side compared to the title track. This leads to a very clear and well-produced song, which could even be a track of one of the big Nashville names.

3. Wild Hair

Wild Hair is wild – I feel this touch of grunge in this song, for example. This song is very energetic and rhythmic – and again, the guitars get their parts as well. Cool!

4. Rain

The fourth track on the album starts a bit on the slow side, but then gains quite some power in the chorus. Again, great example for CJ Solar’s energetic songwriting.

5. She’ll Run

This could be a Luke Bryan one, couldn’t it? She’ll run is just such a clear and well-done powerful country track, which – I believe – is just perfect for the stage at a summer country music festival. We might have to wait until 2021 to enjoy this with CJ Solar, but this track already makes me feel looking forward to it.

6. Watered Down Whiskey

The final track, Watered Down Whiskey feels a bit similar to some of the songs before. Nonetheless, this one is just one of my favorites on the album.


CJ Solar – Coming My Way – Spotify

Here is the Spotify preview to the Coming My Way EP:


CJ Solar – Coming My Way – My View

Coming My Way is definitely a nice proof of CJ Solar’s songwriting and performing skills. Some tunes are close to the top division of country rock / Southern Rock. Unfortunately, some tracks feel a bit too much the same. Still, you got a nice, powerful six track compilation if you buy or download this EP.



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