Ellison – Somewhere in Oslo EP

Ellison - Somewhere in Oslo



4.8/5 Pros

  • Six lovely, very differnt songs
  • Great showcase of the new Norwegian folk duo
  • Very nice vocal harmony

Somewhere in Oslo is one of these releases I happen to run into on promotion platforms and I just feel that I should share it on The six track EP is in fact the debut by two young ladies named Ellison. Release date has been 16th February 2024.


Ellison – About The Artists

Ellison are a Norwegian folk duo, consisting of Lisa Glemming and Karethe Erisken. They know each other since a longer time, but decided in late 2022 doing music together. Based on the fact that their debut single Cars, Thieves and Carousels has been released in June 2023 and they so far just published three songs, the success of the two ladies feels rather massive. They have already been booked for some domestic and international shows as support acts.


Ellison – Somewhere in Oslo – Track by Track

The six track EP lasts 19 minutes.

1. Cars, Thieves and Carousels

The EP starts with the three songs already released by the Norwegians, even in chronological order. Cars, Thieves and Carousels is a typical vocal-focused folk music track, which comes with a touch of indie-folk. This appetizer to the EP already underlines the beauty of the collaboration of these two vocalists.

2. Lover

Lover shows a more folk-pop alike side of the Norwegian duo. The vocals feel a bit of plushy, the instrumental part is significantly more present than in the opener. Lover also comes with a nice, catching chorus.


3. You Don’t Know

The three singles all come with a very individual style. This song introduces a rather present piano, an almost jazzy background. The song spreads a touch of soul as well. Three options offered by Ellison – it is hard not to like at least one of them.

4. Television Sound

Television Sound is the most pop-alike sound of the album. It comes with a very present and catching melody and more intense drumming. Again, the key element of the sound of Ellison stays the lovely vocal collaboration. Cool sound.

5. Quiet Streets

After the comparably “loud” Television Sound, the guitar-strumming Quiet Streets feels like a quite strong contrast. The song initially feels like an ordinary and a bit too typical folk song. However, especially the chorus creates a magical atmosphere and upgrades the song to a special listen.

6. The Way We Left

The Way We Left focuses on the potential of the two-part vocal performances. It just needs a bit of backing instruments like a piano and strings to make these ladies sound like folk fairies. Lovely finale.


Ellison – Somewhere in Oslo – Spotify

Here is Somewhere in Oslo on Spotify


Ellison – Somewhere in Oslo – My View

When The Way We Left abruptly ends, it somehow feels painful. Are these 17 minutes, these six tracks already over? Lisa and Karethe created a lovely set of songs. Six very different, beautiful songs, three new ones and good and straight listen. Somewhere in Oslo feels very close to a perfect debut EP showcase by a young music act with a lot of potential. Wow!

Favorite Song: Quiet Streets and Norway

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