Bryde – Still

Bryde - Still



4.1/5 Pros

  • Beautifully written songs
  • Nice plot and dramaturgy of the album

Bryde is a very interesting alternative pop artist from Wales. I was really curious when I ran into her album Still, which has been released on 15th July 2022. Here is my detailed review of the the album.


Bryde – About The Artist

Bryde is the artist name of Sarah Howells. The Welsh singer-songwriter went solo after being part of the indie folk pop duo Paper Airplanes before. Already in that year, she released two solo EPsEP1 and EP2. In 2018, she released her first solo album, Like an Island. After the 2020 album The Volume of ThingsStill is her third album release.

Bryde – Still – Track by Track

Then ten track album lasts 35 minutes.

1. Algorithms (cyber)

One of the single releases, Algorithms (cyber) opens the album Still. The high voice of Bryde with the rather decent instrumentation at the beginning lets me think of dream pop songs – but the track gets more powerful afterwards. Very characteristic sound, which makes me look forward to the songs which lie ahead of me.

2. Silver Suns (divine)

Silver Suns (divine) continues with the very atmospheric, fragile sound of the predecessor. String-alike and piano background sounds, very limited rhythmic backing – finally, the song is concentrating on the artist’s voice, the lyrics. And it does that in a beautiful way.

3. Hill I’m Dying On (unrequited)

But if this is the hill I’m dying on, I’m dying on it – spirituality and mental strength are a key topic on this album. Songs like this third one rather feel like a short meditation, a mantra. You just hold on and listen to the Welsh singer. Beautiful.

4. State We’re In (self)

State We’re In (self) is the first listen on Still, which is feeling louder, more powerful. Thereby, the track does not move away from the spiritual, dream-ish sound of the album. Still, it feels more intense to me to listen to this song.

5. Backless Dress (chemical)

Backless Dress (chemical) is a bit more rhythmic and the sound of the guitar feels a bit more “guitar-alike” with distorted riffs in the background. Overall, the fifth song has very energetic, almost angry moments.

6. Dancing In The Middle (romantic)

After listening to the songs before, this one almost feels like a mainstream pop-rock track to me. Dancing In The Middle (romantic) still has the fragility and the beauty of the sound of the album, but also has a touch of a folk song. I definitely enjoy that.

7. Conversations (conditional)

The album more and more like a steady increasing work, starting with very quiet and very fine sounds and more and more leading to “louder” messages like this one. Especially on the vocal side, Sarah Howells is much more powerful in here than in the songs before. Nonetheless, the album still feels to have a concept, a common thread. I love that.

8. Headlong (cosmic)

Headlong (cosmic) is more atmospheric again. The cosmic in the title is very present to me while listening, it almost feels like a song from space with a lot of reverb and a “wide” sound. Really nice one.

9. Still (shadow)

The title track has also been the key single release of the album so far. The partially rather rocking elements feel a bit of uncharacteristic compared to the sound of the first half of the longp-lay release.. Very nice listen, though.

I’m still breathing
I’m still keeping
I’m still inside for a fleeting time
I’m still for you like I’ve never been to
Still water like the morning dew
For you

10. Epilogue

The Epilogue has also already been released as a single. The closing song departs from the dream-ish, atmospheric sound of the album the most and sounds like a mixture of folk, pop and rock. Even if you don’t like the style of the album before, this one might be a listen you enjoy.

And the beat goes
On and anon it feels right it feels wrong
When you’re gone I am gone to the other side
Now I belong to the stars, to the sun
Don’t have too much fun here without me, no.


Bryde – Still – Spotify

Here is Still on Spotify:


Bryde – Still – My View

I absolutely enjoyed listening to the album. It does tell its story, it is having a plot. Finally, of course, it is well-written and produced music. Even though I ask myself here and there “Why doesn’t the sound bore you?”, it finally never does – as Bryde is doing a magical, fascinating sound. I definitely recommend to have a listen.


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