Cody Weaver – Southern Noise EP

Cody Weaver - Southern Noise



4.3/5 Pros

  • Nice combination of country and rock elements
  • Great sound, good voice Cons

  • Some sounds feel a bit imprecise... But hey, it rocks \m/

The number of new releases, especially in regards of EPs and albums, is definitely decreasing in December. There are still a few Christmas albums, but I feel that it is generally a good time for newcomers to find a free spotlight on the stage of country music – especially for those fans of the genre who do not want to listen to holiday tunes only. One of these artists could by Cody Weaver, who released his debut EP on 4th December 2020. I just enjoyed having a quick listen to Southern Noise – and felt to give it a more detailed listen and review.


Cody Weaver – About The Artist

Cody Weaver is a Florida country artist coming from Fort Myers area. I could not too much bio information about him, unfortunately. He initially pursued a career as firefighter, before he changed to a music career. In 2018, he released his debut single Might Be My Buck. The same year, he released the remarkable Heavy Load, of which all proceedings have been donated to mental illness charity. His most popular song so far was his 2019 single Burn.


Cody Weaver – Southern Noise – Track by Track

The five song EP lasts 18 minutes.

1. Dad’s Old Ford

Country music with a traditional touch and some electric guitar power – Dad’s Old Ford is a really nice starter to the Southern Noise EP, which also comes with quite a nice guitar solo.

2. Cope

Cope was the song which finally (and quite easily) persuaded me to share Southern Noise with you. Straight and very good country rock with a touch of dark sounds – good choice to listen to that one.

3. Not This Time

After quite some intense guitar tunes, Not This Time starts with violin sounds. The song feels like a country ballad – but finally, Cody Weaver seems to be the guy for the heavier guitars – and the intense chorus just says that he is right. Good one! The contrast between a rock track chorus (and bridge) and the ballad-alike verses is just a lot of fun.

4. Before I Met You

Rockers are best when they are emotional – and so feels Cody Wolf to me as well. The country rock ballad Before I Met You is just a good listen – even though I here and there feel the song could have been recorded and produced a bit more precisely.

5. Southern Noise

The EP closes with its title track, which is very rocking again, but has also a bit of a bluegrass touch and even a bit of Rock’n’Roll. Five songs, five very different sounds… Five good ones!


Cody Weaver – Southern Noise – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget for Southern Noise:


Cody Weaver – Southern Noise – My View

Southern Noise is simply a good showcase of the music of Cody Weaver. Glad he exchanged the firefighter car to the stage – his music is just a lot of fun and this EP definitely makes you look forward to more stuff of the Floridian. Very well done!


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