Jojo – December Baby

Jojo - December Baby



3.9/5 Pros

  • Really nice R&B style Christmas tracks
  • Amazing "Silent Night" version
  • Reflects JoJo's beautiful voice Cons

  • Some of the intro/outro/interlude tracks have so much potential for a full-length song
  • A bit too short for an album

Even though I have not be overwhelming fond of her recent album good to know, I generally love JoJo and her music. She is also a really nice experience live on stage. When I saw that she is doing what many artists do towards the end of the year – i.e. releasing Christmas albums – I felt that it could be really interesting to see how she is dealing with the festive topic. Here is my review of December Baby released on 30th October 2020.


Jojo – About The Artist

Regarding her bio, I would just reference to my sum-up about Joanna Noelle Levesque’s life int he good to know review. Her biggest song is indeed Too Little Too Late, even though she was also strong with her very first single Leave (Get Out).


Jojo – December Baby – Track by Track

The album contains 13 tracks and lasts 27 minutes.

1. Noelle (feat. Jacob Collier)

Even though it is not marked as such, the lovely sung version of Noelle (even a duet) is just a lovely 43 second intro rather than a full-length track. Bad luck, I could have been one of the best tracks of the album if it was longer.

2. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

The first full-length track is an R&B version of the classic track – just would you would expect most when you start listening to a JoJo Christmas album. Nice one, even though not overwhelming.

3. O Come All Ye Faithful (Interlude)

Like all interludes, these recordings feel a bit like live at home recordings with snippets of festive classics.

4. December Baby

December Baby, the title track, is not at all a bad Christmas track. Very rhythmic, beautiful vocals. I would have loved it to have a more smashing chorus… Then it might have been a really great one.

5. Coming Home

Coming Home (for Christmas) – a classic topic, but a new song.

I’ll be comin’ home
Wrapped up in a bow
I’ll be comin’ home
So glad I can come home

The song is a lovely track – my favorite original on this album. I simply love to listen to JoJo’s voice in tracks like this.

6. The Christmas Song

The Christmas Song illustrates so beautifully the skills and talents of JoJo. So sad that she did not convert it into more success. A lovely voice, a good interpretation, R&B style.

7. Deck the Halls (Interlude)

Another “home recording” – maybe my least favorite one. Bur finally, it is just 29 seconds anyway.

8. Wrap Me Up

Another really nice Christmas R&B track. Quite characteristic, good listen, makes you move. There is always the question if you want to have rock, rhythm or quiet and calm tracks underneath the tree – but if you seek for beats, JoJo gives you some nice ones in here.

9. North Pole

I have to be straight: if I want to have some festive beats, I might still decide to skip this one. I don’t get North Pole at all unfortunately. Maybe you like it more than I do.

10. What Child Is This? (Interlude)

Nice violin sounds, but family fights during the holidays – another aspect of quite a few peoples’ holidays as well.

11. Silent Night

One of the biggest classics for the Christmas tree seasons – maybe the song I was most curious about before listening to the album. And I fee JoJo does great in here: she showcases her amazing voice, leaves a classic character – but still gives this rhythmic and grooving touch to it. Close to perfection – and best one on the album.

12. Wishlist (feat. PJ Morton)

There is only one thing on my wishlist, Santa bring him home to me – JoJo seems to close the album with some really great songs – and this duet with PJ Morton, which is arranged as a piano ballad is just a lovely one for the hugs close to the fireplace.

13. We Wish You A Merry Christmas (Interlude)

Rather an outro than an outro – but these fourty second farewell is definitely a short beauty.


Jojo – December Baby – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget to JoJo’s holiday edition:


Jojo – December Baby – My View

Damn, just missed it… Before you feel I will savage December Baby, I just feel a bit sad that this album does not take its full potential. There are some really amazing tracks on December Baby, which could even become a real Christmas R&B pop classic – but finally, there are maybe two, three too weak tracks (and maybe also two, three tracks too few…). Some of the interludes would have a lot of potential to be a full length one, maybe in the amazing style of the Silent Night interpretation. December Baby is a good one, but it missed to be great. Still a promising release by JoJo. about Christmas

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