Blind Guardian – The God Machine

Blind Guardian - The God Machine



4.6/5 Pros

  • Very versatile metal album
  • Very good quality of songs

Power metal from Germany: Blind Guardian are a German band from the Rheinland region. They are active since 1984 and are thus an absolutely established part of the European headbangers’ scene. On 2nd September 2022, Hansi Kürsch and his bandmate go for a new studio album release. Here are my thoughts about The God Machine.


Blind Guardian – About The Artists

Blind Guardian is a band from Krefeld and Meerbusch in Germany. The band called themselves originally Lucifer’s Heritage, before they switched their name in 1984.The current lineup of the band is Hansi Kürsch (vocals), Marcus Siepen, Andre Olbrich (both: guitar), Johan van Stratum (bass) and Frederik Ehmke (drums). The breakthrough albums of the band have been released in the mid-1990’s. The fifth studio album, Imaginations from the Other Side (1995) has been the first one to hit the German Top 20 charts. The last six Blind Guardian studio albums  have made it to the German Top 10 in a row. The band is also very successful in the other German speaking countries and other parts of Europe.


Blind Guardian – The God Machine – Track by Track

The nine song album lasts 51 minutes.

1. Deliver Us From Evil

Blind Guardian fans already had a listen to the opener as a single release – and the fan vote is undeniable: Deliver Us From Evil has been streamed 1.6 million times on Spotify only. Not too surprisingly – the blend between speed metal parts, rather melodic parts and bombast vocals is a blast.

2. Damnation

There is a stronger focus on the guitars on Damnation. The leading themes as well as the background strumming is a metal delight. Hansi Kürsch nicely showcases his voice in this dramatic listen as well. Cool track.

3. Secrets Of The American Gods

The next two songs are former single releases again. Secrets of American Ghosts is a 7:28 minute epic and thus the longest listen of the album. If you enjoy Blind Guardian’s speed metal sections, this track might not be your favorite. The long duration and the slower pace works perfectly which richly arranged multi-layered vocals and dramatic instrumental elements. My favorite listen of this 2022 release.

4. Violent Shadows

You definitely don’t need to pitch up the speed of Violent Shadows – after a slow short intro, the song comes with some high speed metal just on its own. The song illustrates great instrumental skills by the German band.

5. Life Beyond The Spheres

Major Tom calling? This song has a bit of a space touch. Overall, Blind Guardian slow down a bit again. This especially gives the choir some chances to present themselves. Great arrangement at this rocker, which presents some cool parts for any kind of listener.

6. Architects Of Doom

After the slow-down, time to fire the metal afterburners again. Architects of Doom push forward at full force from the very first moment. Master work on the guitars, great vocals – and the head is moving to the rhythm of the song almost mandatory.

7. Let It Be No More

A nice atmospheric intro part leads into Let It Be No More. Blind Guardian present a straight ballad on this spot of the album. Hansi Kürsch is showing the soft side of his rocking heart. Beautiful listen with a lovely arrangement.

8. Blood Of The Elves

From the four single releases of The God Machine so far, Blood Of The Elves has been the second most successful one. This song is a great showstage for all parties involved, on the instrumental side. Very versatile listen with just the right touch. Great one.

9. Destiny

The closer is a 6:46 minute epic. The song comes with beautiful instrumental lines as well as a good presentation on the microphones. Especially towards the end of the listen, this song is really impressive.


Blind Guardian – The God Machine – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Blind Guardian – The God Machine – My View

I’ve had a lot of good and interesting music this weekend – and The God Machine is definitely another album, which clearly deserves the Top Pick! banner. Blind Guardian demonstrate a high metal quality with very variable sounds and atmospheres. Almost a must-listen for metal lovers.



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