Dan O’ Clock – Seelenhippie EP

Dan O' Clock - Seelenhippie



4.4/5 Pros

  • Six very versatile songs
  • Good writes / lyrics

The German language has the nice opportunity to simply combine two noun to a new word. Seele means soul in German and a Hippie is just the same as in English. The combined word Seelenhippie is the title of Dan O’ Clock’s new EP – and even if you won’t find this word in any German dictionary, you might have a certain idea what it might mean. I rather cared about the musical side of this 3rd June 2022 release. Here is my review.


Dan O’ Clock – About The Artist

Dan O’ Clock is a German artist from Cologne, whose civil name is Dennis Müller. He initially worked in the interior design business, before he decided to turn into a professional musician in 2012. He did have a couple of songs some five years ago, so that his work towards the Seelenhippie EP almost feels like a small comeback. However, Dan O’ Clock has been active producing music for commercials or TV productions in the meantime.


Dan O’ Clock – Seelenhippie – Track by Track

The six track EP lasts 21:23

1. LoveLoveLove

Du brauchst nur ein bißchen LoveLoveLove – “You just need a little love, love, love” – is the key message of the opener of the album. A cool reggaepop song with some brass and hip hop elements. Summer feeling to open the Seelenhippie stories. Like it!

2. Gut so

After this energetic vibe, Dan O’ Clock turns down the volume, just uses his guitar, his vocals and some background sounds and writes a beautiful love track. Du bist gut so wie Du bist – “You are good the way you are” is a lovely intimate write and such a lovely contrast to the song before.

3. Allein auf Wolke 7 (feat. Sarah Kim Gries)

For the only single release so far, Dan O’ Clock pairs up with actor and influencer Sarah Kim Gries. The song continues the very personal and direct style of Gut so, but also has a nice groove. Good, quiet listen.

4. Super Mario

Another song, a very different style. When Dan O’ Clock wishes Ich wär gern so wie Super Mario (“I’d love to be like Super Mario”), the song has a nice folk-pop style, but also feels very soulful and emotional. Super Mario alters between rather melody-focused and rhythmic parts, which finally leads to a very enjoyable listen.

5. Regen

A gently strumming acoustic guitar and the sound of the violin creates another very different atmosphere. The song is a very deep farewell song to a beloved person. Very touching lyrics.

6. Melodie

The song has some rather quiet tones at the beginning, but then changes into an a bit of retro-alike pop-rock one. A good listen, even though his deeper stories touched me more.


Dan O’ Clock – Seelenhippie – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Dan O’ Clock – Seelenhippie – My View

Six songs, six very different melodies and stories – that’s what I absolutely like about this release. The stories are catching and relatable and turn this EP into a really good listen. If you like German pop, I definitely suggest you to have a listen.


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