X-Perience – We Travel The World

X-Perience - We Travel The World



3.9/5 Pros

  • Nice range of songs
  • Much better than previous album

It is some three years ago since I reviewed the album 555 by the German synth-pop project X-Perience. I was really flattered about it as I loved their music in the 1990’s. My review has been average, though. Now, they are back and present a new album, We Travel The World. Sounds like a perfect fit to topics, doesn’t it? Release date is 4th August 2023.


X-Perience – About The Artists

X-Perience is a synth-pop and trance project, which is running since 1995. However, before the 555 album, the band had a fourteen year break of releasing long-plays. Matthias Uhle (keyboard, born on 17th March 1973 in Bernburg) and Alexander Kaiser (bass, keyboard, born on 7th Aptil 1973 in Eisenach) are still founding members. Singer Claudia Uhle (born on 15th March 1976) is a founding member as well, but has been on a hiatus in between. Especially the band’s first two albums, Magic Fields (1996) and Take Me Home (1997), have been very successful in Germany. Regarding Top 10 hits, X-Perience is a one hit wonder. Only the 1996 single A Neverending Dream has been a Top 10 song in Germany and Switzerland and even had a golden record in Germany.


X-Perience – We Travel The World – Track by Track

The eleven song album lasts 37 minutes.

1. We Travel The World

X-Perience plays it safe this time: three single releases open the album, starting with the very first one, the title track. We Travel The World stays in your mind – it may not be as good as their 1990’s classics, but the song is definitely more than just a pleasing beginning.

2. Say Thank You

Say Thank You strongly reminds me of the Magic Fields album. The song is going for the typical X-Perience sound. You know from the very beginning that this is a track by the Germans. However, the song comes with lovely traditional vibes. I am sure that long-time fans of the band will love it!

3. Come Come

The melodic main keyboard style main theme is the key catch of this song. And of course, there is the high voice of Claudia Uhle as well. The first three songs of the album already cover a nice range of synth pop sounds – let’s see how the album continues.

4. Conquest Of Paradise (All Songs We Love)

No, X-Perience are not trying to cover or remix the classic song by Vangelis. The song has quite long vocal-only parts. The melody is rather simple. A nice listen, but not as good as the three starters.

5. Nobody Cares Like You

The fifth song is rather slow. Thus, the typical Claudia Uhle vocals almost feel a bit bored to me. Nonetheless, X-Perience are creating a nice song, somewhere between their typical synth-pop tunes and lounge music elements.

6. We Will Live Forever

Here is another song, which the band has already shared with the fans. I feel that in general the selection of feature singles has been done very wisely. Songs like We Will Live Forever have a nice presence and feel very memorable. Vice versa, this also means that the “new” songs feel to be slightly weaker.

7. And When We Dancing

Did the band travel too ABBA Voyage in London a couple of times? The main theme of the song reminds me too strongly of the Swedish pop music gods. The song does get its own X-Perience touch as well. Finally, it turns out to be the best song which has not yet been released as a single.

8. Wasted Time

The sound of X-Perience tends to feel quite uniform quite often. However, songs like Wasted Time illustrate that in the range of tracks the band is producing, there are some nice surprises. This one, for example, comes with a really nice groove. The trumpet sounds are also a very interesting element.

9. Endless Summer

The ninth track is another song, which feels to have strong references to the 1990’s productions of X-Perience. The song is spreading a happy mood and some summer vibes. Nice listen during the warm season.

10. Dragonfly

The chorus is driving Dragonfly majorly. I liked the song as a single release. However, in the context of the album, also rather at the end of it. The Dragonfly does not manage to spread as much magic as individually.

11. The Train Of Live Is Rolling

The very rhythmic farewell is a nice way to close the We Travel The World album. The album works with some interesting vocal elements as well. Not a blast, but a solid closing track.


X-Perience – We Travel The World – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify.


X-Perience – We Travel The World – My View

Qualitatively, feel that X-Perience is still not where the band used to be almost three decades ago. Nonetheless, We Travel The World is a significant improvement compared to the previous release. The listen is more fluent, there is a nicer and more entertaining range of songs.

Favorite Song: We Travel The World



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