Julia Cole – Honey Child EP

Julia Cole - Honey Child EP



4.2/5 Pros

  • Five well produced songs
  • Unique genre mix of pop, country and R&B
  • Superb talent
  • EP feels very entertaining Cons

  • The genre mix limits her songs a bit their character

I ran into the music of Julia Cole especially when I listened to Honey Child, which is also the title track of her new EP released on 10th April 2020. The unique genre-mix by the Texas blonde does not fascinate only me – Cole has over 20,000 followers on Facebook and even about 75k on Instagram. She was also a treat live on stage when I saw her supporting the James Barker Band in Zurich in November 2020.

Julia Cole – About The Artist

Julia Cole was born on 3rd September 1993 in Houston, Texas. She already started to write songs at young ages and in parallel pursued a career in Volleyball, which she competed up to University level. The signature element of her music is combining country music element with R&B and electric elements. In 2018, she released an eight track album, Priority (Acoustic Mixtape), which received quite high reputation. She also supported a quite interesting range of major acts, for example Jon Pardi, Carrie Underwood, Lee Brice or Dan + Shay.


Julia Cole – Honey Child (EP) – Track By Track

The Honey Child EP features five tracks at a playing time of 13 minutes. Apart from Side Piece, all other tracks have been previously released.

1. Be Where We Are

Be Where We Are is a very characteristic Julia Cole track. You feel the country, you definitely cannot neglect the R&B vibes. Feels like summer and dancing – not sure if you should go for booties, sneakers or high heels, though 😉

2. Call It

Call It is a bit more on the rhythmic side. Still, it is a good genre fusion, but I prefer other tracks of the EP, Still a good song by itself.

3. Side Piece

Of course, I was looking forward most to listen into Side Piece. The song has maybe the strongest country music touch of the five tracks. A lot of fun.

4. Honey Child

Honey Child just makes me smile. Maybe it is the song with the strongest touch of pop music, but I don’t care. Just a good song.

5. Trust You

The snapping finger sound and the overall rythmic character reflects a lot of R&B. Julia Cole delivers five good songs on this EP – no surprises, though.


Julia Cole – Honey Child (EP) – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget to the Honey Child EP:


Julia Cole – Honey Child (EP) – My View

This five track EP is definitely a lot of fun. Five good songs, some a bit better than good, give a nice profile of Julia Cole. All of the songs have a touch of country, a touch of pop, a touch of R&B. That’s maybe the most problematic thing about her songwriting: as long as she is trying to serve all three genres in her publications, her music may become a limited. The good thing: Cole is talented enough to avoid that this EP feels boring. Still, a pure country song or a very R&B feeling track would be interesting to listen to. I would appreciate it – but so long, I absolutely like the Honey Child EP.


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