Heather Nova – Pearl

Heather Nova is back. The singer-songwriter released her tenth studio album Pearl on 28th June 2019. She especially has a fanbase in Germany, so that there was certain focus on her release. Due to the parallel Runaway June album release, this review is slightly delayed.


Heather Nova – About the Artist

Heather Nova is likely the most famous Bermudian musician. The singer-songwriter born in 1967 published her first EP in 1990. The latest album, Pearl, is also a reminescence to Oyster, an album which Nova published 25 years ago. Oyster also featured her commerically most successful track Walk This World. My favorite song of her is London Rain, which has been published on the following album, Siren.


Heather Nova – Pearl – Track by Track

Heather Nova takes you on a 47 minute Pearl journey split into eleven songs.

1. The Wounds We Bled

All the things I wish I’d known
The willow weeps where the seeds are thrown
All the things I wish I’d said
I’m better for the wounds we bled

I love this first track of the album – maybe the best on Pearl. Heather Nova is just that incredibly present in her songs – and she is writing wonderful stories. Great start of her 2019 one.

2. All the Rivers

All The Rivers has a significantly increased presence of the guitars. Overall, the song is also faster.  Nice lyrics as well:

It’s a fire
It’s the way it grows when you feed it
It’s a fire
Love the way you love me and the way I need it

3. Rewild Me

Rewild Me is a lovely ballad, starting with a long instrumental part. Just having some electric guitars and the accords of the acoustic one – on top Heather’s voice. There is this “Wow”-potential in this song. I just enjoy listening to her.

4. Some Things Just Come Undone

Some Things Just Come Undone might not be the best track of the album, but it feels very “central” and important to me. Thus, I also selected the acoustic video track here.

5. After All This Time

The structural plot of After All This Time is similar to Rewild Me: a long instrumental and a focus on Heather’s vocals. However, there are some additional orchestral instruments – which add a lot here, though they are playing in the background. Great chorus:

I don’t want to shut my eyes
I’m open to the pain that might be coming
This is what I never thought I’d find
Real love, after all this time

6. Over the Fields

I struggled a bit with Over The Fields, as it is after Rewild Me and After All This Time, which follows a similar plot. I first liked the other two songs more. But the more you listen into it, the more you love the amazing storytelling of this song, which is an amazing farewell poem:

And all apologies and all the damage done
Somehow you never found the key
It’s coming to you now as you head into the sun

7. Just Kids

Not that surprsing that this song has been released before the album already. Just Kids is just catchy. A great song, absolutely worth listening.

8. Don’t Worry What the Experts Say

Cause I want what you want
And we don’t have time to figure out
What everything is all about
If it feels good then it is good
And don’t worry what the experts say
I’m gonna love you anyway

A  nice ballad about love, in which other people do not believe.

9. See Yourself

Though it is a nice story and strong lyrics, I did not get into See Yourself too much.

10. Vincent

Another very fragile Heather Nova song. Nice to listen to.

11. Your Words

Of course, there is a lovesong at the very end of the album. Quite “classic” Heather Nova stuff 🙂 Good!


Heather Nova – Pearl – My View

Congrats, Heather Nova – Pearl is – again – a really good album from you! You may need some time to get into it, but I just love to listen to Heather’s stories, listen to her voice and enjoy the quite puristic songwriting. Heather Nova’s 2019 might not be the album of the century or an absolute masterpiece, but it is much more than just a pretty solid album. If you liked some of the videos above. I feel that you will not regret buying the CD or purchasing the download.

Heather Nova – On Tour

Heather Nova is most popular in Europe in Germany. You also see that in her 2019 tour dates:


Sun 13.10.2019 Paris (FR), Cafe de la Danse
Mon 14.10.2019 Zurich (CH), Volkshaus
Tue 15.10.2019 Vienna (AT), Porgy & Bess
Wed 16.10.2019 Prague (CZ), Lucerna Music Bar
Fri 18.10.2019 Leipzig, Hauen Auensee
Sat 19.10.2019 Hamburg, Fabrik
Sun 20.10.2019 Stuttgart, Wizemann
Tue, 22.10.2019 Den Haag (NL), Paard Main Hall
Web 23.10.2019 Utrecht (NL), Tivoli Vredenburg
Thu 24.10.2019 Alkmaar (NL), Victorie Kormuitzaal
Tue 29.10.2019 Nuremberg, Löwensaal
Wed 30.10.2019 Munich, Technikum
Thu 31.10.2019 Berlin, Huxleys
Fri 01.11.2019 Cologne, Gloria
Sat 02.11.2019 Braunschweig, Westand
Sun 03.11.2019 Copenhagen (DK), DR Studie 2 Media Reviews

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