Songs Of The Week (week of 18 Feb 2022)

One thing I really love about this new category Songs Of The Week is that it surprises me again and again. For example, there seems to be something like a leading genre every time. I swear that I just collect songs in a list whenever I run into them, but somehow there seem to be very different characters. This week of 18th February 2022 episode has quite a strong German pop touch. The leading song is from a very different country, though. Hope you enjoy my set of new release this time (again).


LeRa – Divorce

I have been already more or less done with the preparation of this episode of my Songs of the Week, when I ran into Divorce by LeRa. What an amazing voice (with a bit of Bonnie Tylor-raspiness…). The artist LeRa is from Slovakia. After her debut album released in 2021, she is aiming for a second set of releases. This one is massive.


Joe Satriani – Faceless

Joe Satriani is about to release a new album in April 2022. After I loved the 2020 one, Shapeshifting (one of the few music albums with a full 5.0 rating). I just cannot wait to listen to The Elephant of MarsFaceless is definitely a promising warm-up.


Auerbach – Heimat

Heimat means “Home” – and what could feel more like home to me than a song about my beloved city Cologne. In case you don’t understand Auerbach, they are singing in Cologne-style German. Cool love letter to the most beautiful city in Germany (at least in my heart…).


Hardy und Heroes – Idioten im Glück (Radio Mix 2022)

What a great track with social critics. Idioten im Glück means something like “Lucky idiots” and is thereby pointing on the weird habits of mankind. German pop from Saxony-Anhalt.


Mina Richman – Bad Girls

Bad Girls is in fact the debut single by Mina Richman, who is from Bielefeld in Western Germany.  The corresponding video will be released at the World Women’s Day on 8th March 2022.


Thabile – In Repair

Thabile feels to be a really active artist: less than four months I enjoyed listening to her EP Look At The Sky, she is back with a new single. Great sound.


Whale City – Breathe Again

Don’t these guys sound like an international act? In fact, Whale City are German and are based not too far away from Munich. Impressing song.


Mimi Webb – House on Fire

Mimi Webb already had some success in her home country, the United Kingdom. She even made it to the Top 10 in the domestic album charts in 2021. This week, she released this cool pop song, House on Fire.


Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak & Silk Sonic – Love’s Train

Bruno Mars doing R&B music – and this one is really working out perfect. Okay, there is also Anderson .Paak and Silk Sonic, and they add a lot of flavor. This track surprises me – but it is a lot of fun.


Benson Boone – Room For 2

Benson Boone is a Washington State artist. Really nice, modern sound at this new release. Like to listen to Room For 2. 


Anna-Sophie – Fall

Music made in Austria: Anna-Sophie is living in Styria. Really energetic pop music. She grew her popularity massively over the last years – and this one could be the next step.


Memphis May Fire – Make Believe

Okay, here also need to be some metal sounds in this posting. Memphis May Fire are from Texas and do metalcore. And Make Believe illustrates how good these guys are. Very nice, powerful and straight recording.


Mike Campbell & The Dirty Knobs – Electric Gypsy

Mike Campbell has been the guitarist for legendary Tom Petty. Now he doing music with The Dirty Knobs. Electric Gypysy is a great proof that this kind of Americana rock works great.


Perlregen – Bitte Bleib

Perlregen is a German pop act from Saarbruecken. Very rhythmic and a characteristic. The song means “please stay” – I also vote for a longer relation here.


BAWO Project feat. Blacknick – Power Of Love

BAWO are Sergej Balyk and Niko Wolenberg. They are a producer duo from Soltau in Northern Germany. The song reminded me of so these typical 1990’s rap-and-pop remakes. A bit of retro feeling.


Zweii – Ballerina auf dem Seil

Zweii is a duo consisting of two sisters, Judith and Miriam Geissler. The song has a beautiful touch and a great story. Love to listen to it.


Franzi Harmsen – Nur Nicht So

One of the many really good emerging German pop / electro-pop artists. Harmsen had her first TV appearances in the German The Voice shows. Songs like this one feel promising.


Johna – Geschichte

Another 8th April 2022 release will be Postkarten (“Postcards”) by singer-songwriter Johna. Geschichte is a very gentle, beautiful song. I just felt I have to share it with you.


Max Weidner – Die Do

I don’t know why the promotion platform I use classifies this track as German schlager. I feel it is a cool Bavarian pop song with a touch of traditional volk. Great vibe, I feel that the song could be a blast in the Southern German festival summer 2022.


Funny Van Dannen – Karl Lauterbach

I just had to smile about this one – so I felt that I have to add it to the list. Karl Lauterbach is the German Minister for Health in the current government. Funny van Dannen is making fun of his high level media appearance.


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