Lugnet – Tales From The Great Beyond

Lugnet - Tales From The Great Beyond



3.5/5 Pros

  • Very solid listen without outstanding songs

Okay, I have to admit: when I think about Lugnet, I intiially think about the sports complex in Falun, Sweden, which is also rather famous for their ski jumping arena. In this review, however, we are talking about music and hard rock. And we talking about the new album of Lugnet, Tales From The Great Beyond, which has been released on 26th August 2022.


Lugnet – About The Artist

Lugnet is a hard rock band from the Swedish capital, Stockholm. The band has been founded in 2009, when drummer Fredrik Jansson-Punkka ran into bassist Lennart Z Zethzon at the annual Sweden Rock Festival. In fact, they started doing songs together three years later. The two founding members are still part of the band and are nowadays joined by Micke Linder, Matti Norlin (both guitar) and Johan Fahlberg (vocals). In 2016, they released a self-titled album, followed by Nightwalker in 2019.


Lugnet – Tales From The Great Beyond – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 45 minutes

1. Stil A Sinner

One short scream from the guitar – and Lugnet is starting to do rock’n’roll their style. There is indeed not too much time to get into the song, before there are energetic riffs, powerful rhythmic work by Jansson-Pukka take over contro. Last, but not least, there is Johan Fahlberg on the microphone. Promising first act of the Tales From The Great Beyond.

2. In Harvest Time

The Scandinavians are rocking hard in the second song of the album as well. There are some instrumental sections with a slight slow-down in this track, but overall, In Harvest Time just knows one direction: Straight forward. With full rock force.

3. Another World

Another World is one of two rather theatric, long songs of the album. The song is a 7:15 minute listen. The song has a nice plot, Fahlberg is taking over the storyteller’s role excellently. The song also comes with some really nice instrumental parts.

4. Out Of My System

Out Of My System feels like a hard rocker of good old times. The main theme feels to embrace you and feels very familiar. I really like the song, which is especially persuading me on the instrumental side.

5. Svarv

Svarv (which translates to “lathe”) is a some 90 second interlude with a rather folk music-alike reference. A short instrumental break.

6. Eaten Alive

After this short break, it is time to rock again. Eaten Alive is rather short (2:43 minutes), but comes with a lot of power. Good one.

7. Pale Design

Pale Design comes with a nice flow. Again, Lugnet are creating a nice main theme and a catchy sound. Maybe not an overwhelmingly special sound, but catchy and a fun to listen.

8. I Can’t Wait

I Can’t Wait again comes with a late 1970’s / early 1980’s hard rock sound. Very reliable song without too many potential to be ever mentioned in the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame.

9. Black Sails

8:21 minutes – the second epic melodic trip of the album is the pre-closer Black Sails. The song feels a bit more lengthy than Another World. One reason is that it is in fact a minute longer – but I also appreciated the plot of the third song of this album more.

10. Täsjö Kyrkmarsch

We are going on a “Church March” in the last song – and indeed, this one is definitely the most special track of the album. Lugnet are saying farewell from the listener with a hammond organ instrumental.


Lugnet – Tales From The Great Beyond – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Lugnet – Tales From The Great Beyond – My View

Tjere os a lot of potential in Lugnet and Tales From The Great Beyond, but overall, it is nothing but a solid hard rock album. The ten songs overall miss the opportunity to climb one step above that.


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