Songs Of The Week (week of 5th January 2024)

While I still had a rather short list of album releases, there was already quite a lot of stuff for a “proper” Songs of the Week edition. The first one of 2024. Feel weird somehow, doesn’t it? Hope you enjoy my song selection.


Markus – Clowns mit rostigen Trompeten

The press kit to the song classifies Clowns mit rostigen Trompeten (“Clowns with rusty trumpets”) as a schlager track. I loved this track already when Neue Deutsche Welle hero Markus released it as part of his Das Leben liebt mich… und ich liebe das Leben album. Now it gets additional attention. I feel it absolutely deserves it.


Sebastian Hämer – Ein Teil von mir

The first songs of my list are rather slow, deep and thoughtful – typical winter songs. Sebastian Hämer is a German songwriter from Rostock, who already had a German Top 10 single with Sommer unseres Lebens in the mid-2000’s. In this song, he states “You are and stay a part of me”. A beautiful, emotional recording.


Tim Baldus – Winter in Paris

This release by German Saarland artist Tim Baldus is a deep and melancholic breakup song. I absolutely loved the atmosphere of the track and the lovely storytelling.


Sarah Jarosz – Days Can Turn Around

I am already working on the review of Polaroid Lovers. The album by Nashville-based artist Sarah Jarosz will be released on 26th January 2024. I feel that this gentle recording by the US-American singer-songwriter is already a beautiful teaser for it.


From Here To Eternity – Missing U

Unfortunately, I just have very sparse information about this new release. The key rationale behind it is that the press kit is rather thin – and that you quickly run into the equivalently named movie classic. It is rather definitely a German production – and a god listen, though.


Alice Merton – Run Away Girl

Alice Merton somehow opened the music year 2024, when she released this song on New Year’s Day. The German pop singer from Frankfurt presented this song already at the central Berlin New Year’s party, including a live TV coverage. Especially her first album Mint was a big success in her home country – maybe she can connect to it with songs like Run Away Girl.


Der Kofler – Pinoccioball

A mixture of schlager and pop – and the coolness of Falco. I really loved this new song release by the artist, who is from Eschen in Liechtenstein. However, the artist is Austrian origin. Great sound.


Beatrice Egli – Du, Du, Du

I have to state that I don’t like the (too frequent) story behind this song by the Swiss schlager queen Beatrice Egli. Her album Balance has been that successful that there will be an extended version in March 2024. Du, Du, Du will be part of the bonus contents. The song is a really great one, though.


Anni Perka – Lüg mir ins Gesicht

Lüg mir ins Gesicht is another schlager track on my list. The Hamburg-origin artist Anni Perka released this song. The song has a great catch – hope you enjoy it as well.


Skye Holland – Just Wanna Dance

After all the family time the last two weeks, maybe you need a song like Just Wanna Dance by Skye Holland. The track is a typical Eurodance track. The Dutch artist Skye Holland, by the way, made her first steps in the music business as a member of a teenage Japanese pop band. Later, she lived in Canada, where she had her first successful solo single releases.


Declan J Donovan – Hungry Heart

Doesn’t Hungry Heart somehow sound like a Milky Chance song? The British singer Declan J Donovan boosted his career with his recent song releases and now comes up with this track – which has been produced by Decco – who also worked with the German band as well as big names like Dua Lipa. Great sound.


Smash Into Pieces – Triggers

The Swedish rockers Smash Into Pieces are doing the final steps to release a new studio album in April 2024. Triggers already sounds very promising, doesn’t it?


Liam Gallagher & John Squire – Just Another Rainbow

This song is the most epic picks of the week. The British duo released this lovely alternative rock song this Friday. Hope you enjoy that song. By the way, John Squire is a long-time friend of Gallagher – he was also a guest star on some Oasis shows like Knebworth in the mid-1990’s.


The Secluded – Sweet Dreams

The list of this week closes with a Eurythmics cover by the rock band The Secluded from Frankfurt, Germany. The song is also an appetizer for their new album, which is expected to be released in late summer 2024.



Songs of The Week – The Playlist

You may also listen to my Songs Of The Week and songs selected in some of the previous weeks on this Spotify playlist:


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