Phosphorescent – Revelator

Phosphorescent - Revelator



4.4/5 Pros

  • Lovely harmony of lyrics and instruments
  • Very virtuous melodies
  • Songs with a very personal and intimate touch

As part of my 5th April 2024 album and EP reviews, I am glad to feature another Americana artist for the first time. Revelator is already the ninth studio album by Phosphorescent. Thus, I have a good excuse that it is my first time review of the US-American artist.


Phosphorescent – About The Artist

Phosphorescent is the stage name of Matthew Houck. The artist is originally from Alabama. He is using the name since 2001, when he turned into a professional artist. His music is typically in the sphere of alternative country, folk and rock. His first releases were the album A Hundred Times or More (2003) and the EP The Weight of Fight (2004). In 2018 he released the album C’est La Vie, which was his last album release under an independent label. Thereafter, he released a digital album in 2021, The BBC Sessions. Phosphorescent is nowadays based in Nashville.


Phosphorescent – Revelator – Track by Track

The nine track album lasts 46 minutes.

1. Revelator

The Revelator album kicks off with its title track. The song is a calm, very gentle, but melodic track. It has a touch of folk music, the background instruments also have some country vibes. However, the key element in the song is definitely the calm and warm voice by Matthew Houck. Nice opener..

2. The World Is Ending

The World Is Ending continues the album in a gentle and emotional style. However, Phosphorescent introduces new elements like string sounds. Overall, the song is very catchy and stays in your mind.

3. Fences

Especially the very high vocal parts of Fences stay in your mind. The song has a bit of a contrast between very gently-sounding parts with backing vocal support and slightly dissonant sounding instrumental parts. However, overall, Fences creates a very intense and fairy-alike atmosphere.

4. Impossible House

Even though the basic atmosphere of the song is in line with the songs before, Impossible House feels significantly more present than the song before. The permanent and monotonous drumming and the instrumental parts, which have a symphonic touch sometimes, lead to a rather wide sound of the song. Overall, this fourth track is really impressing.

5. Wide As Heaven

The fifth song is a nice folk-alike song with a beautiful rock music foundation. However, there are also fine sprinkles of melodies by instruments like the piano. Again, Phosphorescent creates a magical atmosphere, driven by a great arrangement of the instruments and just the right intensity on the vocal side.

6. A Moon Behind The Clouds

The six minute epic A Moon Behind The Clouds is a real beauty. The background music reminds me of Hawaiian tunes, which overall leads to a nice ease. Again, the US-American artist is using a wide range of instruments, which lead to a beautiful and catching melody. I am simply caught by the nice groove of the song – even though the story of the song has a very serious background.

7. All The Same

All The Same is a melancholic, slow country-folk track. The howling steel guitar in the background leads to a lovely touch. Another really nice listen.

8. A Poem On The Men’s Room Wall

Already the title tells you that this song is telling a lovely story, doesn’t it? The narration by Houck merges with lovely melodic parts. This song is a beauty if you allow the music to take you on a journey with the artist.

9. To Get It Right

Reveator closes with its longest track, To Get It Right. The seven minute listen stays on the personal and emotional side, but has a bit more of a rock music touch. Again, it feels just beautiful to allow Phosphorescent to take you on a musical journey. Bad long songs tend to become boring soon – but this one has a lot of interesting elements, which make the the of the listener fly in a sphere of fascination. There are also some very energetic parts working with organ and synth sounds.


Phosphorescent – Revelator – Spotify

Here is Revelator on Spotify:


Phosphorescent – Revelator – My View

Revelator is a lovely album, which is also based on a nice, common style. I love the way lyrics are composed harmonically with the melodies the artist is presenting. Definitely an album worth listening to.

Favorite Song: A Moon Behind The Clouds


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