Halle Kearns – Finally EP

Halle Kearns - Finally



4.5/5 Pros

  • Five really nice songs
  • Catching ballads and party / dance tracks
  • Great voice, feels like the big ones
  • Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Halle Kearns – what could be a better way to celebrate your anniversary for a Nashville resident than with new release? Finally is in fact the debut EP of the Missouri-origin singer-songerwriter. Here is my review of the EP, which has been released on 11th December 2020.

Halle Kearns – About The Artist

Halle Kearns was born on 11th December 1996. She grew up in Columbia, Missouri, where she started to love music. She even had her first minor gigs there. After High School, she first moved to Kansas City, but is now living in Nashville. Her first releases all happened this year, the singles are all part of Finally. Thus, the video below is an Ashley McBryde cover.


Halle Kearns – Finally – Track by Track

The five track EP lasts 15 minutes.

1. Pick Me Up

Pick Me Up is something like the hidden title track of the album. A nice uptempo country-pop track, just a lot of fun, cheeky, young, fresh – love it.

2. Whatever You Do

The second track is a bit less pop-ish, it’s style reminds me a lot of Kelsea Ballerini. Great vocals as well. Beautiful song.

3. Before He Could

Before He Could is a lovely country ballad. Like Whatever You Do, it has a very traditional touch on the one hand and could easily be one of the 1990’s country women hits like a Faith Hill one – on the other hand, it is modern and feels to perfectly suit into 2020. Good one.

4. I Drink Whiskey

Boy you know I love you, but you drive me crazy
You light a fire in every part of me
The only thing that saves me is made down in Tennessee
Baby you’re the reason I drink whiskey

That’s Nashville lifestyle – and it is indeed a song how the people love it at Cumberland River. Not the deepest love song ever, but a great country party tune – very catchy and fun. Great songwriting.

5. Shoes to Fill

What a great finale. The lovely piano ballad is just a wonderful, emotional write up – it just has to catch you, I promise! Lovely song.

So if you wanna take the hand that he held first
You have gotta be the man he shown me I deserve
And if you’re gonna love me like nobody ever will
Baby, you got big shoes to fill


Halle Kearns – Finally – Spotify

Here is the Finally widget:


Halle Kearns – Finally – My View

Happy Birthday (again), Halle Kearns – that EP is indeed a great birthday present to yourself. A great musical showcase of your talent. It sometimes feels like Kelsea, sometimes feels like Faith – and it makes me smile when I listen to you. No cake (or a bottle of whiskey) from my side – but a definitely well-deserved Top Pick! rating for this one. Look forward to hear more from this young lady!


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