Bobby Rush – All My Love For You

Bobby Rush - All My Love For You



4.8/5 Pros

  • Great, very traditional blues sound
  • Very straight and personal lyrics
  • Great work and leverage with instruments

If you are a two time Grammy Award Winner and have published over 30 albums during your career, it is very likely absolutely correct to call you a legend of your genre. That’s exactly what applies to blues artist Bobby Rush. On 18th August 2023, Rush released his new album All My Love For You. I had a listen.


Bobby Rush – About The Artist

Bobby Rush’s civil name is Emmett Ellis Jr.. He is a native from Homer, Louisiana, where he was born on 10th November 1933. He is active since the age of 18. Initially, he had his own band, but then moved to Chicago and grew in the local music scene. Initially, he was a writer and composer and by that had a golden record way before he released his debut album Rush Hour in 1979. His most well-reputed albums have been rather late in his career. The 2001 album Hoochie Man has been nominated for a Grammy Award as the Best Contemporary Blues Album but did not win. However, quite some time later, Porcupine Meat in 2017 and Rawer Than Raw in 2021 won the award as the Best Contemporary Blues Album. Apart from that, he is a twelve time Blues Music Award Winner and has been inducted to the Blues Hall of Fame.


Bobby Rush – All My Love For You – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 41 minutes.

1. I’m Free

Brass and a lot of groove – the opener I’m Free spreads a very traditional blues touch. Especially the laid back bass play and the frisky harmonica parts catch you on the melodic part. The repetitive I’m free – look at me is the lyrical mantra of this song.

2. Running In and Out

The second song is not only named Running In and Out, it also has a higher tempo. Overall, the song is more virtuous, also on the vocal side, where Rush is showing some nice sections. The nice harmonica solo in the bridge adds some really nice character to the song.

3. I Want To

In the Southern style of singing, the title I Want To rather turns into an I wanna. I better don’t tell you too much about this songs lyrics. But, let’s say, Billy Rush is rather straight in the way he is sharing his minds and stories.

You’ll be the cow
And I’ll be the bull
We play our game
Called push and pull.

Let’s name it a very explicit love song. I am sure she may leave her hat on.

4. One Monkey Can Stop A Show

The main theme of One Monkey Can Stop A Show comes with a slight touch of country music elements. Overall, the guitar is more in the lead of this song, while the bass is slightly less present. Great work on the organ and brass side, which overall turns this single release into a really intense listen.

5. I Can’t Stand It

With I Can’t Stand It, the songs of All My Love For You become a bit slower again. This is when the Billy Rush feels more laid back, more emotional, sometimes also more sleazy. However, in contrast to I Want To, you might have to explain less about cows and bulls and stuff like this. I like the rather calm style of this one.

6. TV Mama

The sixth song is back to a very traditional blues sound. Lovely, virtuous play, which also involves a nice range of instruments. The two key ones in here are the organ and the guitar. However, Bobby Rush and his voice are definitely on top of all that.

7. I’ll Do Anything For You

Love is the key topic of this album. As long as you are female, this song is for you. The first words of I’ll Do Anything For You are Out to all the womens in this world God made, you know, you know he made you for me. Almost 90 years of experience – this guy knows how to do it – and he is doing it with amazing blues vibes.

8. I’m the One

After songs like the predecessor one, the very autobiographic and personal I’m the One feels a bit of surprising. Bobby Rush’s life in less than four minutes. He is also praising his idols in lyrics like B.B. King and Muddy Water show me how to play the blues. However, he has been the one to bring the funk into the blues. Strong message with a strong vibe.

9. You’re Gonna Need A Man Like Me

The ninth song is a breakup song. The song is melancholic, but the title already tells you: there is a lot of defiance in this one. The guitar is just playing the short main theme again and again until you feel the negativity as well. Lovely write.

10. I Got A Proposition For You

Finally, the album closes with a song, which would be outstanding if one could listen to it in a blues music club. Bobby Rush nicely works with the traditional blues instruments and creates just a lovely sound.


Bobby Rush – All My Love For You – Spotify

Listen to All My Love For You on Spotify:


Bobby Rush – All My Love For You – My View

Okay, some of the lyrics are quite explicit and maybe not just what you would expect, but finally there is just one thing you cannot deny: Bobby Rush simply knows how to do the blues. And he proofed it again with All My Love For You. Thus, there is a lot of love for his album from my side.

Favorite Song: I’m the One


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