Jess Moskaluke – The Demos

Jess Moskaluke - The Demos



3.4/5 Pros

  • Nice country track, some with a pop touch
  • Dominating song "Country Girls" - which is a 2019 one Cons

  • Demo recording idea is nice, but does not fully work out
  • In fact, just an eight song album

New songs by Jess Moskaluke: one of the big names of the Canadian female country music scene is adding The Demos to her portfolio of publications. Her second album overall, The Demos, has been released on 19th February 2021.


Jess Moskaluke – About The Artist

Jess Moskaluke is a female country artist from Langenburg, Saskatchewan, Canada. The city is roughly located in the middle between Winnpeg and Saskatoon. Moskaluke was born there on 4th June 1990. She became professional artist in 2012, starting with her first EP Catch Me If You Can, which already included two hits which made a Canadian Country Chart entry. Her breakthrough was her 2014 debut album Light Up The Night, which produced four Top 20 singles between 2013 and 2015. The most important one was the platinum record Cheap Wine and Cigarettes. Two singles taken from the following EP Kiss Me Quiet (2015) even made it to the Top 10 and gained gold status each, the title track and Take Me Home.

After three EPs released, The Demos is only Moskaluke’s second album. However, the first single release of it, Country Girls, topped the Canadian country charts (already in 2019).


Jess Moskaluke – The Demos – Track by Track

The eleven track album lasts 33 minutes. The album, however, contains three songs in an album version and a demo version each.

1. Country Girls

The album starts with the song which you could almost name a classic already, regarding its release date. Country Girls is a very straight and catchy modern country song with a touch of country pop. Definitely a good listen.

If you’re looking for bees just go find honey
If you’re looking for rich folks, go find money, oh, oh
It’s the same all around the world
Country boys love country girls

2. Nothing I Don’t Love About You

Wrong time? Nothing I Don’t Love About You feels like a summer hit song to me. Powerful with nice guitar sounds and powerful rhythmic elements. Jess Moskaluke does music to make you happy… At least in the first two songs of The Demos.

3. Mapdot

Mapdot is the latest single by Jess Moskaluke.

We don’t have a cop ’cause we don’t need one
But we got a beauty shop ’cause we need our hair done
Yeah, the building is old but the rumors are new
And if you need a bouquet you can get it there too
We don’t have a cop ’cause we don’t need one

Small city on the countryside is one of the most featured topics in country music. Mapdot is the way Jess Moskaluke is describing it in this song. I like the sound of the song, also because it is less pop-ish. Tempted to have a look into Roncanville, where Moskaluke is residing nowadays, one day and check it out 🙂

4. Too Much Too Soon

Too Much Too Soon has a nice traditional country touch. A song about the first overwhelming wave of feelings when meeting a new crush.

5. Leave Each Other Alone ft. Travis Collins

The fifth song is a collaboration with Travis Collins, an Australian singer-songwriter. The result is a really intense duet, Leave Each Other Alone. Really nice song.

6. Halfway Home

After some a bit more traditional sounding tracks, Halfway Home is a rather modern track with pop elements as well. I really like this type of Jess Moskaluke songs, which reflect a lot of vocal strengths as well.

7. Drive His Truck

If you read other reviews of mine, you know that I am in general critical about country music stereotypes. Cars, especially pick-up trucks are definitely one of them. Thus, I started with a skeptical feeling when I started listening to Drive His Truck. Overall, the song is a nice listen, but illustrating love by being able to drive each other’s car is a bit too non-emancipated to me. Jess, you are stronger than that.

8. No Place Like You

No Place Like You is more or less the closing song of the “ordinary” section of the album before it comes to the three demo recordings. A nice modern country song, which however does not have the potential to stay in mind for a longer time.

9. Mapdot (The Demo)

Mapdot is the first song which is featured on the finishing set of three demo versions. I feel on the one hand it might be interesting for a fan to see how a song develops from a demo to a recorded version. On the other hand, at least this demo is so weak and sounds that artificial compared to “real” song – I feel a bit that three of these demo versions are too much. Maybe Moskaluke is proving me wrong in the next two tracks.

10. Leave Each Other Alone (The Demo)

The demo version of Leave Each Other Alone was the one I was looking forward to most, simply due to the fact that the album recording is a duet. I feel the contrast between the demo and the album sound is not that extreme like it is for Mapdot. I would say due to the duet vs. solo recording difference, it was the most interesting demo recording to me.

11. Halfway Home (The Demo)

Last, but not least, the album closes with the demo recording of Halfway Home. I feel it is a cool version, as it creates the rhythm of the song with very different elements like clapping sounds.


Jess Moskaluke – The Demos – Spotify

Here is Demos on Spotify:


Jess Moskaluke – The Demos – My View

Jess Moskaluke is for sure one of the Canadian country music artist I enjoy to listen to most. The more, I am unfortunately very mixed about The Demos. I don’t like the quite weak picture she is painting of herself in some of her songs. Maybe she just has a very tough stand this weekend as Carly Pearce’s 29 is so much more self-confident, powerful. The idea with the demos is a nice one, but it is just working very limitedly. In fact, after one or two listens, you will have an eight track 25 minute album. That’s also a bit too thin.


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