VINTER – Seasons

VINTER - Seasons



3.9/5 Pros

  • Nicely arranged (alternative) pop songs
  • Beautiful, clear voice
  • Lovely lyrics Cons

  • Some weaker songs, which still tell nice stories

Seasons by the project VINTER is a typical review. I scanned future new releases in a promotion database and got stuck at this project and their debut album Seasons. Hope you enjoy these songs as well.


VINTER – About The Artists

VINTER is a the solo project by German artist Nicola Killmann. She is based in Hanover, where she also studied pop music before. Nicola was part of some bands during this time – but in fact she started to write songs at the age of twelve already. Seasons is the debut album of VINTER – but in 2018, there was already the debut EP Partial Truth.


VINTER – Seasons – Track by Track

The album contains 16 tracks and lasts 49 minutes. Four each season of the year, there is a some 40 second introduction track. Thus, overall, the album comes with 12 full length songs.


The capital letter tracks are the introduction tracks to the four seasons. I will not go into them into detail. Remarkably, the album starts cold with winter time.

2. space & time

After this intro, the album starts with one of it singles. Space & Time is a typical song on this album, which has a quite melancholic touch. This song is about struggling with yourself. A beautiful voice with a touch of innocence. Nice start into this tour through the year.

3. lies

The song comes with electronic tunes, quite some echo, but also acoustic guitars here and there. It also changes its speed after a rather slow beginning. A song between not able to trust and feeling jealous in a relationship. Nice lyrics.

You tell me there’s nobody else on your mind
But fear tells me that I am always right
You say that there’s nothing to worry about
But trust issues are always hard to fight
Lies, lies, lies, lies, lies
All my life
Lies, lies, lies, lies, lies
Block my sight.

4. just for you

Love in winter is definitely not a lucky feeling – at least regarding this Seasons album. A musical struggle about love. I felt that lies is the stronger track, but just for you is coming with a nice arrangement.


From winter onward, the album follows the ordinary cycle and introduces spring second.

6. seasons

Simply regarding the song name, spring hosts the title track. I like the way the lyrics are written and how they are embedded into the Seasons concept. Winter is leaving, snowflakes are melting into brighter days is one example from this song, which comes with a touch of soft rock and folk.

7. in my head

Show me places afar
I’ll go whereever you are
Turning nights into days
Make me think I’m the one
Keep me warm until dawn
Was it all in my head?

In this part of the album, in my head is the most lovely song to me. I love to listen to the melody, I love to listen to the fragile voice of Nicola Killmann, really nice tunes. And you can really feel that the birds start singing and the flowers start blooming when you listen to her travel through time.

8. out of love

Already with a touch of summer vibes is the album leaving spring and heading towards summer. The song is rhythmic, coming with an easy, playful vibe – regardless of the generally melancholic and rather sad mood of the album.


The beginning of the second half of the album is done by the summer.

10. we were here

We were here is the summertime single of Seasons. The hip-hop alike spoken word touch at the end of the chorus adds a very new style to the album. The anti-war song comes with a nice vibe and groove – I overall prefer other ones, though.

11. work in progress

I’m a work in progress
Still unfinished but I give my best
It might take some time to find out
What I want in life
What I want from you

In contrast to winter and spring, I don’t get the summer vibe that much. The lyrics, especially the chorus, of work in progress are definitely a reason to listen to this album, though.

12. fade away

Bad luck – fade away already feels quite a lot like falling leaves. No more summer vibes in here.


Last but not least, the album features fall / autumn.

14. together my love

Together my love is about a missed love opportunity. The instruments are just creating a gentle sound betting for Killmann’s high voice. Towards the end, the song is turning out to become more energetic.

15. insomnia

While insomnia feels a bit sparse and thin at the beginning, the song develops to one of my favorites over time. A very nice melodic composition, which has a lovely dreaming touch as well.

16. home

In the very final song of the album, VINTER simply asks, Home, home, home, please just take me home. Not the happiest album, not the happiest song, but a nice listen.


VINTER – Seasons – Spotify

Here is Seasons on Spotify:


VINTER – Seasons – My View

I wrote it in other reviews already: if you do that kind of very condensed, concentrated pop songs with a constant touch in the album, you always risk to become monotonous or boring. VINTER has two assets against it: First of all, Killmann’s voice just makes you listen to her stories. But more than that, her stories are really good and catching. The lyrics are her weapon – and even though there is a weaker song here and there in my point of view, she never lost my sympathy. I definitely enjoyed listening to these four Seasons.


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