Bandaid Brigade – Sex is Terrifying

Bandaid Brigade - Sex is Terrifying



4.2/5 Pros

  • Nice range of songs
  • Great second half of the album

Sex is Terrifying – even though the album does not come with a track named like the album title, I just cannot deny that the title itself already drew some attention. I received the album as a promo from a German promotion company. Here are my thoughts about this 26th August 2022 release by the band Bandaid Brigage.


Bandaid Brigade – About The Artists

The punk band Bandaid Brigade is a US-based quartet. They are active since 2019, when they have been founded in Denver. The founding members have been Zach Queen and Brian Wahlström. The two additional members are drummer Paul Rucker and guitarist Chris Fogal. The band already released one album, I’m Separate in 2020.


Bandaid Brigade – Sex is Terrifying – Track by Track

The thirteen track album lasts 42 minutes.

1. Loveless Love

Hello, I am terrified of sex are the first words of Loveless Love. Thus, the opener also takes over the role of the hidden title track. The song rather feels like a modern rock track with a slight indie touch. Very nice melody and good listen.

2. Did You Dream

Did You Dream starts with keyboard lines and keeps a certain ease. The rhythmic style makes it feel rather pop-ish, even though Bandaid Brigade also shows some electric guitar power towards the second half of this listen.

3. Abacus

The third song has been one of featured singles. Again, the US-Americans do a nice blend of keyboard lines and guitar riffs. Abacus feels much more rocking to be, though. One rationale for that is also the very present bass groove. Good listen.

4. Broken Toy

Bandaid Brigade uses a lot of different sounds and styles in this album. In Broken Toy, for example, they also work with saxophone lines, which lead to a really nice touch. Very nice work on the bass side again.

5. Kitchen Tile

Three songs on Sex is Terrifying are about 4:30 minutes – Kitchen Tile is the first of them. This song is giving a nice reference to their punk rock background, even though the song feels rather atmospheric with some very energetic, almost angry moments, which feel to be battled the female backing vocalist. Cool listen.

6. Perfect

This single release is one of my favorites of the album. A very cool and catchy melody (even though the bridge is quite a break to me). The song rather feels like a British production  than a US song, but it is definitely making me smile. Good one.

7. Stand Still

This part of the album comes with the best songs in my point of view. The trumpet background theme again creates a very new atmosphere. Nice, straight rock with a clear structure and melody.

8. Hit The Buck

The single release Hit The Buck is another straight listen with a very good chorus. The song rocks, feels a bit of punk-ish. The guitar riffs are driving the track to a steadily marching rock song.

9. Left On The Shelf

Bandaid Brigade slow down for the ninth song. Not really a ballad, rather a thoughtful song. Great song, which has a lovey bass groove as well as a really catching melody.

10. Bandaid Brigade

There is no song which is exactly named like the album title – but there is a song which is named exactly like the band. The tenth song nicely connects to the style of Left On The Shelf. Bandaid Brigade proof that they are also good in presenting the slower and softer tunes. Great vocal work in here.

11. The Long Goodbye

It ain’t over, there is still some opportunity for surprises: The Long Goodbye comes with a very present groove. Almost a blues rocker, but definitely a great listen.

12. Like A Stone

The album closes with the lovely Like A Stone, which even feels to be a rock ballad at first sight (means: at the beginning of the song). but then comes with some surprisingly rocking and energetic sections. Very nice plot.


Bandaid Brigade – Sex is Terrifying – Spotify

Here is Sex is Terrifying on Spotify:


Bandaid Brigade – Sex is Terrifying – My View

I definitely feel sorry for the Colorado-origin guys that they obviously have some bad experience on the intercourse side, taking the album title very literally. However, if they sing about it, it is just so much fun to listen to them. A nice range of songs lead to really entertaining 41 minutes.


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