Lauryn Mark – Aperitif EP

Lauryn Mark - Aperitif



4.1/5 Pros

  • Very intimate, direct atmosphere
  • Good lyrics Cons

  • A bit too monotonous at the beginning

Lauryn Mark is about to release her second album in the middle of 2022. As an intermediate step, she is releasing a new EP right on Christmas Eve 2021 – the main Christmas day in Germany. Her seven songs are almost called like a musical appetizer – Aperitif.


Lauryn Mark – About The Artist

Unfortunately, I don’t have too much bio information about Lauryn Mark. She is living in Frankfurt. After school, she started to record music. According to one source I found, she started to write and publish English tracks. Since three years, she is writing in her mother tongue. In 2019, her first German album was Heimwegspuren, which also lead to a couple of single releases. During 2021, she significantly increased her airplay in Germany.


Lauryn Mark – Aperitif – Track by Track

The seven song EP lasts 23 minutes.

1. Zehntausend Leuchtraketen

“Ten thousand rocket flares” light up as the opener of the EP. Lauryn Mark limits the elements of this song, which is majorly concentrating on the piano, her vocals and some background sounds. The atmosphere of this song is very magical and emotional. Love it.

2. In diesem Jahr

The press kit names Mark’s song as being full of depth, desire, love and magic. Her song In diesem Jahr, which is looking back to a faded love story, definitely contains all of that.

3. Jedes Mal

Jedes Mal (“Every time”) is one of the song which Mark and her team selected as a single release before the EP album publication. Even though the song keeps its intimate, direct style and great storytelling I enjoyed during the first two songs, it also has a stronger pop and maintstream touch. The magic stays on.

4. Hallo wie gehts Dir

The fourth song is starting rather slow and keeps its very fragile character. Another great song, which is easy to relate to. Nonetheless, I would love to have another sound, another kind of Lauryn Mark song as well.

5. Wolkenleuchten

After these four somehow similar songs, Wolkenleuchten is just the right contrast. The song has a nice pop-rock style, a catching chorus. If you haven’t heard Lauryn Mark music yet, that’s likely a very nice first listen – you definitely should not ignore other songs on the album thereafter, though.

6. Wir müssen reden

The EP is having significantly more energy now. The high voice by Lauryn Mark is supported by a pop-alike electronic background. Unfortunately, I feel that the ease of this song is also bought in by a worse vocal quality, especially when then backing electric sounds are getting louder.

7. Mittendurch

In the very last song of the album, Lauryn Mark surprises me with a German rock performance, which is nonetheless coming with the lyrical depth of other songs of the album. Mittendurch is my favorite track of this Aperitif.


Lauryn Mark – Aperitif – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Lauryn Mark – Aperitif – My View

The EP has a bit of an monotonous beginning, which also reduced the chances for a very high rating. Overall, Lauryn Marks finally shows a nice range of seven tracks, though, which individually also come with a high level of quality. I definitely like this EP and look forward to her 2022 album.


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