Goodbye June – See Where The Night Goes

Goodbye June - See Where The Night Goes



4.6/5 Pros

  • Fun hard rock album
  • Great, wide range of songs
  • Very entertaining

Nashville is Music City – not Country Music City. Even though there is a dominating genre, the city attracts many other styles as well. Goodbye June, for example, are a band which has been found at the Cumberland River on 2009. And they do hard rock. On 18th February 2022, Goodbye June are releasing their fourth album. I had a listen to See Where The Night Goes.


Goodbye June – About The Artists

Goodbye June is a trio, which is active since more than a decade. The three members are Landon Milbourn (lead vocals, acoustic guitar), Tyler Baker (lead guitar, backing vocals) and Brandon Qualkenbush (rhythmic guitar, bass). These core members are cousins. They typically add musicians to the band. Nathan Sexton is for example typically the drummer in the studio, while Kevin Smith is the main option for the rhythm on stage. Even though they grew in North America, of course, they are nowadays quite popular in some European countries as well. Their first album was Nor the Wild Music Flows in 2012. Their last album release was the 2019 Community Inn. So far, Goodbye June published three studio albums and two EPs.


Goodbye June – See Where The Night Goes – Track by Track

The eleven track album lasts 41 minutes.

1. Step Aside

I read about Z.Z. Top and many other big acts you can compare to the signature of Goodbye June – but Step Aside is definitely facing Down Under. If these guys would be the support act for AC/DC, people would run back from their pee breaks, believing they miss Brian Johnson and the Youngs. Surprising sound – but a rocking lot of fun.

2. See Where The Night Goes

The flight from Nashville to Australia is quite a trip – so why should you stay there for just one song? Goodbye June do powerful hard rock with great licks. The nice backing vocal reply to Milbourn singing See Where The Night Goes has a lot of potential to drive masses even at stadium shows. So cool.

3. Breathe And Attack

Call it classic rock, call it hard rock – or just call it however you like: even though Breathe And Attack is having bit more staidly style and feels to have more Southern-Americana style, the guitars drive my rock heart to maximum fun. Breathe and Attack – it’s as easy as this!

4. Take A Ride

This ride is harder – and it is a lot of fun. Goodbye June increase the speed for track number four. Rock power made in Tennessee for 3:17 minutes. Hard to believe that the pretty lady in this song is denying the ride offered.

5. What I Need

After four tracks of powerful rock, Goodbye June goes for a short break and focuses on keyboard sounds rather than the guitars. The vocals sound a bit crying-whiny in this song, which even feels to add some atmosphere. And when you wait a bit, the guys take out the electric guitars again as well.

6. Stand And Deliver

No  cover of the Adam Ant classic, but a cool rocker with an indie vibe. After the trio showed us their rock power heart, they now proof versatility as well. Especially in the second half of the track, they feature some nice add-ons to the already good track. This turns Stand and Deliver to one of the highlights of the album.

7. Baby I’m Back

Baby I’m Back is working with a strong groove, which is then altering between marching, powerful riffs and rock guitar solos and rather quiet episodes. Nice one.

8. Everlasting Love

The sound of Goodbye June on their 2022 release is simply fun. Everlasting Love is a great example for this. Good rock sound, but the song is somehow and easy and thus stays in your mind. I’ve been waiting for so long and you came around and right into my arms. I definitely embrace that kind of music.

9. Nothing

Nothing dares to take forty very quiet second, before Goodbye June is waking up with some blasting guitar chords. A knotted sound, which has a good touch of blues to me as well.

10. Three Chords

Three Chords – and the truth as well? The single release definitely makes me understand, why the background material I read about the band refers to Z.Z. Top as well. Not my favorite song in a very nice album, though.

11. Black

Cheeky, powerful and with a new sound at the very end: Black rather reminds me of Aerosmith than of the Australian family combo. Great way to say farewell from these eleven songs…


Goodbye June – See Where The Night Goes – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Goodbye June – See Where The Night Goes – My View

That’s top class rock entertainment. Especially if you like AC/DC and 1980’s hard rock, you just have to give this album a listen. See Where The Night Goes is a massive lot of fun. I raise my devil horns, bang my head and simply call it a Top Pick!.


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