DJ BoBo – Evolut30n

DJ BoBo - Evolut30n



3.8/5 Pros

  • Happy pop music DJ BoBo style
  • Some really good songs
  • Amazing opening track

Some thirty years ago, there was Somebody to Dance with Me. The song started in some clubs in Switzerland. In January, it was listed in the Swiss charts the first time – and two months later, it was the chart leader. Thirty years of DJ BoBo – that’s what the Swiss DJ and pop producer is mainly celebrating with this album Evolut30n. It will be released on 11th November 2022, I already had a listen.


DJ Bobo – About The Artist

The civil name of DJ BoBo is Rene Peter Baumann. He was born on 5th January 1968 in Kölliken in the Swiss canton Aargau. This is also where he did his first steps as a DJ before he became a successfl artist. The vast majority of his sales are in German-speaking countries, even though DJ BoBo is typically singing in English. He only topped the singles charts thrice, with Somebody to Dance With Me, Let The Dream Come True (1994) and Chihuahua (2003), all times in the Swiss ranking. However, he is a massive seller on the album side and comes with nine platinum records (Germany and Switzerland), for example. The artist name BoBo is by the way truly a reference to the well-known Belgian comic.


DJ BoBo – Evolut30n – Track by Track

The thirteen track album lasts 40 minute

1. Evolut30n

The first song of Evolut30n is already its highlight to me. DJ BoBo just makes me smile by quoting so many of his big hits in one typical DJ BoBo track. Some sort of self-praising – but this guy simply deserves it.

2. Better Days

Better Days is a rather slow track, which is having the typical Eurodance signature of the Swiss artist. The chorus has a certain catch, but overall the song is not as good as you could expect of him, maybe.

3. Together We Fly

Together We Fly has been chosen as the feature single – the song is another typical DJ BoBo one. Simple pop melodies, which almost immediately touch you and make move to the music. Or simply: pop music with the precision of a Swiss watch.

4. Love

We believe in love – this song is beginning like a piano ballad and stays at slow and emotional level. A beautiful listen, which is a nice example that despite all the easy pop style, the Aargau evergreen is also having a message in his songs:

We all can change the world
And you know just what to do
We all can heal the world
The sky is blue for me and you
We all can save the world
Tell me, don’t you feel it too?

5. Daga Daga

Okay, he is having a message in most of his songs… Or in some… Because there are tracks like Daga Daga, which feel to be a perfect sequel to songs like Chihuahua. Who the f* cares what a day in the Daga Daga way really is if it is so much to listen to it? 100 per cent summer vibes in November.

6. Crazy World

Just as we warmed up with Crazy World, it is time to keep up the party mood. Mr Baumann is adding this track to the album. It feels like a fun fair of music with a strong presence of brass sounds. I am sure that at the Europapark, where his 2023 tour will traditionally debut, they will love this track.

7. Dance Dance Dance

Dance Dance Dance
I can’t stop the feeling
Flying through the cealing
Rhythm of the night.

Simple, straight, fun – even though I feel that DJ BoBo’s previous albums had some more catching one than this seventh song, I just love that he does what he does best: make us smile with his music. Again, the duet-style singing with his wife Nancy just creates a perfect signature sound.

8. Look Into My Eyes

After this party and dance block, Look Into My Eyes shows a very different way of DJ BoBo music: the Swiss guy rocks – and he does it well. At least the chorus comes with some smashing riffs. The verses still tell you that this is the good, old Rene German speaking countries just have to love for three decades now. Bad luck, I would have loved to have this Vanilla Ninja-style sound for the whole 3:37 minute long song.

9. Splash

Let’s talk about you and me – you hit me like a splash. The ninth song is spreading some summer vibes again. Highly appreciated, even though snowflakes are soon ready to fall from the sky. One of my most favorite melodies of the album.

10. I Wanna Be With You

DJ BoBo nostalgy – I Wanna Be With You feels like (the most?) a 1990s dance song. The song is a bit too repetitive for me, though – and overall is one of the weakest of Evolut30n to me.

11. You’re Not Alone

The eleventh song is another gentle, emotional ballad. I would have loved the chorus to have less of these electronic synth chords and stay with a very stripped down, intimate sound. But nonetheless, the song is a nice listen.

12. Be My Angel

The last song of the album (before the album) comes with Latin rhythms and thus is track at which dancing is almost mandatory. Cool track.

13. Daga Daga (Bonus Edit)

The bonus edit of the party track of the album is a bit more stripped down and thus feels a bit more intense in regards of the rhythm. Not bad.


DJ BoBo – Evolut30n – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


DJ BoBo – Evolut30n – My View

The album starts with a bang – and it does have some highlights. DJ BoBo is delivering good music in his very own charming way since three decades – and that’s absolutely remarkable. Even though Evolut30n is here and there a bit weaker than its predecessors, it makes me smile. Like Somebody to Dance with Me did during my school years.


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