Julia Raich – Mein Schlagerr(a)ich

Julia Raich - Schlagerr(a)ich



3.3/5 Pros

  • Some good schlager dance songs
  • A few variants of the typical disco fox-schlager sound Cons

  • Too few good tracks
  • Rather thin lyrics
  • Vocal issues

Julia Raich is naming herself the “Schlagerprinzessin” – schlager princess. On 7th January 2022, she is releasing her new album Schlagerr(a)ich, which is a nice combination of Schlager Ich (“Schlager Me”), her surname and Schlagerreich (“Schlager empire”). I had a listen.


Julia Raich – About The Artist

Julia Raich is a schlager artist from Vienna, Austria. She is having a background in dancing and ballet and grew up close to the Czech border. Raich debuted in 2016 with the single Freier Fall, which is also the opening track of her only album release so far, the 2018 Elektrisches Fieber (“Electric Fever”). Her recent singles did have quite some success and airplay in the Austrian music scene.


Julia Raich – Schlagerr(a)ich – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 37 minutes.

1. Lebe laut

The album starts with a rocket launch-alike countdown and the party song Lebe laut (“Live loud”). A bit of too many superhero references in the song, but overall a good schlager track: easy, catchy, made to dance.

2. Verbot’nes Glück

The second song feels rather similar: rather slow verses with a very limited level of rhythm, while the chorus is a disco fox overload. Bad luck that there are these breaks for the verses when you just got into the groove of this song (“Forbidden Love”).

3. Nachts in Wien

This song (“In the night in Vienna”) is one of my favorites of the album. Very melodic, present chorus and good verses, which are creating a nice arc of suspense to the next chorus. Good recording.

4. One Night Stand

Schon nach der ersten Nacht
Werd’ ich alleine wach
War’s nur ein One Night Stand, ein One Night Stand?

(“Already after the first night,
I am waking up alone
Has it just been a one night stand, a one night stand?”)

The song is a bit of thin, but comes with a very present and melodic chorus. Still a track made to make your dancing shoes fly over the dance floor.

5. Bleib doch hier

Bleib doch hier (“Stay here”) is a piano ballad. I feel that the vocal performance could be softer and more emotional, but nonetheless it is a nice contrast to the straight schlager tracks in the four songs before.

6. Schmetterlinge im Bauch

This single release has a bit of a summer vibe. The background effects are a bit too much. The song has some potential in my potential to me – but I feel that Julia Raich and her team did not reach the optimum at all in here.

7. Vanille Eis

Alles so easy
Ihr seid der Beweis
Ich, meine Girls und Vanilleeis

(“Everything is easy
You are the proof,
Me, my girls and vanilla ice”)

Okay, Julia Raich and her team tried to push for too much here. The lyrics are just too thin – bad luck that this song about partying and friendship is too much of a fail. Apart from that I just don’t feel that this kind of song is authentic for a lady in her mid-35’s.

8. Wenn die Stunde schlägt

Wenn die Stunde schlägt comes with the style of a classic 1980’s or 1990’s schlager track – there is maybe a bit more focus on the electronic sounds in the nowadays recording. Wise choice as a single – I am sure that this track attracts quite some listeners.

9. Süchtig

Süchtig comes with intense rhythm and some presence – but finally, it a song which does not catch me too much. Could have more presence.

10. Das war ne schlechte Idee

This song is about struggling with feelings for an ex boyfriend. Feelings are coming and going. The song is quite simply, but that also makes the song stay in your mind. One of the best songs of the album, finally.

11. Fabelhaft

Fabelhaft is rather mid-tempo and adds a very different style of song quite at the end of the album. Not bad at all – would have loved to listen to more of these experiments.

12. Schmetterlinge im Bauch (acoustic)

The album closes with a very different version of Schmetterlinge im Bauch. The song is performed as a piano ballad in here. Again, I feel that Raich’s voice is just not strong enough to keep up with the voluminous piano play. Nonetheless, this version of the song is definitely superior to me, compared to the dance version.


Julia Raich – Schlagerr(a)ich – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Julia Raich – Schlagerr(a)ich – My View

Julia Raich might see herself as a princess, but she definitely has not reached queen level. There are some sprinkles of good songs, but there is also too much average sound at this Vienna lady. I am sure a few songs will do well at the next schlager dance parties, though.


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