Nikola – 369 EP

Nikola - 369



3.4/5 Pros

  • Very commercial and modern music
  • Very different kinds of songs Cons

  • Stereotypical and respectless language
  • Feels like "369" does not reach the artist's full potential

Due to a promotion platform, I ran into the debut EP of a German pop artist, Nikola. There was just very limited information about him (apart from the typical marketing stuff…), but I really liked his music. Here are my thoughts about the EP 369, which has been released on 14th May 2021.


Nikola – About The Artist

The full name of Nikola is Nikola Sofranac. He is part of an event band N*Cognito. One of the band members is Vanessa Iraci, who is also doing a solo career. The artist is based in Göppingen, Germany. Unfortunately, that’s all bio I could find about him.


Nikola – 369 – Track by Track

The six song EP lasts 22 minutes.

1. Bisschen Näher

The first song (meaning “A little bit closer”) starts with powerful drumming. The song is rather thin, but you just cannot decline that it comes with some dancefloor qualities. I definitely prefer other songs of the EP, but Bisschen Näher definite comes with a certain modern mainstream touch and might thus be a popular one at other listeners.

2. Deine Lippen

Deine Lippen (“Your lips”) is spreading a nice summer vibe. A song with a lot of R’n’B touch, a nice track for your next open air summer party.

3. Zu viel

Zu viel (“Too Much”) is a song about a broken love and seeing your ex-girl with a new lover. A nice modern song with different types of melodies.

4. Addiction (feat. KAZ-IN)

This track is a collaboration of Nikola and a Stuttgart rapper, KAZ-IN. The product is a typical rap-verses-with-melodic-chorus song. I would feel that rather the rap nor the melodic parts are characteristic enough.

5. Netflix ‘n Chillz

Du hast nur das beste an mir an mir verdient
Auf die anderen Bitches geb ich einen Fick
Nur mit will ich Netflix ‘n Chillz

(“You just deserve the best of me
I give a f*ck on the other b*tches
I want Netflix and Chillz just with you”)

Call it modern music, but I neither value respectless language nor that kind of song. It is hard for me to assume that the same artist is doing company events. To me, it is the worst song of the EP – but to be straight and honest: I also give in that this one might be the track with the highest commercial potential. Mad world, sad world.

6. Karussel (Schlaflied)

This Schlaflied (lullaby) is a really nice finish of the six songs. A song which feels like a good hug- gentle, warm and long. The vocal performance feels surprisingly weak here and there, though.


Nikola – 369 – Spotify

Here is 369 on Spotify:


Nikola – 369 – My View

It is very hard to rate music by its quality when you know that its commercial potential is very different. I really like 369 at first sight, but overall, the EP is too thin and stereotypical to be a candidate for the very good ratings. I am sure that Nikola and his music has its potential, though. To me, it feels like that the artist is having much more talent than this EP is finally illustrating.


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